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    • Marcin

      Advertising, and the advertising
      Recently your video is poor, still the same ads RIGOL ….
      When your video is poor, movies shown by Mike, or others, is a real masterpiece.
      Sorry Dave …

      • Anatol

        I watch Dave vblog from the very beginning and have mentioned his bias to big brands. One thing that I do not agree with is comparing him with somebody else, especially with Mike. You know what diffirentiate Dave from others, Dave’s outstanding orator skills, his loveliness his transparency to public (and that is really difficult). Mike’s voice is boring as dark basement, even if Mike to be doing a teardown of UFO nobody will be really interested. Dave, I love your rants and your walking arounds, maybe you should not limit yourself to electronics, many reporters envy your presenting skills.

      • What is your problem? I *bought* this Rigol PSU with my own money, and a LOT of people are interested in the results of the issues I uncovered and *exposed* on my blog, and all you are talking about is it’s all just advertising?
        My recent videos are poor? I just did a nice video on pre-compliance testing, a nice retro teardown, and some original investigation into VIA currents. Where are *your* videos?

        • Mike

          Hi Dave, I have watched a lot of your blogs videos and like your style of delivery even though I think it took a bit of getting used to, lol. I think the first one I saw was the 10MB hard drive teardown. I have looked at some of the replies you have been getting and I think they are unfair to say the least. You are definitely not in the advertising business for Rigol or Fluke or Agilent. People need to realise as a small independent reviewer, you can’t be expected to be able to review every manufacturer and their wares. It makes common sense to accept you can review the products you use. As someone who has been in electronics for most of his life, I find your videos very entertaining but more importantly very informative. It may seem strange to say that the video on x10 scope probes was an eye opener. This was something I don’t remember going into at college 30+years ago. I have seen you reply to some, “if you don’t like the videos then don’t subscribe,” true the’re other people out there that may be better suited to their tastes. What did Lincoln say? You can please some of the people all the time, you can please all the people some of the time but you can’t please all the people all the time. I’m looking forward to your next Live video if I can find out when it’s on. I like your videos mate, keep them coming. Mike

      • Jope

        No matter what bloggers talk about, they are always accused of advertising.

        And if the videos about this power supply are actually advertising – which they are not – then Dave didn’t do a good job, because I’m not interested in buying one.

      • Richard

        Dave’s obviously not advertising for Rigol.

        If he were, he would at least pronounce their name the way people employed by the company pronounce it.

        His videos on this particular product have concentrated on its flaws in a way that no advertisement would. I’m not really in the market for this type of product, but if I were, I think these videos would tend to nudge me away from this particular design, not toward it.

        Finally, look at the blog as a whole. Look at all the coverage given to other companies.

        And if you still think he’s advertising for Rigol, you can ignore the ads, and/or start your own site that’s better.

    • Marcin

      OK, Dave, has better diction
      But as you can see only the Rigol? Still Rigol and Rigol, OK, cheap but what a lot of it is not good.
      Dave had projects uSuppy, all suspended.

      Mike talks a weaker diction, but what it does 🙂 for humans is much more valuable.
      Dave runs the forum to make, OK
      But, Mike, is a company and a forum for people.

      • Marcin, if you don’t like my blog, that’s fine, just leave, there is an unsubscribe button for a reason.

      • rasz_pl

        gotta love google translate

        I think this guy wants to say something ompletely different, its like Babel fish trying to start a war

    • Marcin

      Dave, treat my entry as a positive criticism.
      Liking this one, but it needs something to happen, and more recently, to be honest nothing happens.

      • Positive criticism my arse, you basically accused my videos of being Rigol advertisements, which they are demonstrably not, which I have proven time and time again. When you claim something like that, you are either going to be right or wrong, and you are wrong. I’ll point that out every time.
        I don’t even know what your second sentence there means, it makes no sense.

    • Paul Badenhorst

      Dave, There is people how appreciate what you do and the fact that you are honest enough to say when you like a good “cheap” brand. I bought a Rigol a few years back because i needed a scope to complete my studies and in South Africa even that “cheap” is expensive. That was all i could afford and i am impressed. You still honestly point out problems and please do not stop with your informative blog. There is nothing i would not like to see every thing are informative in its individual way.

      Thank you for the blog and enjoy the day

    • Grege

      I guess its nearly Christmas time again and some of the fruit cakes are out already (Marcin wtf)

    • Marcin

      Sorry, sometimes exaggerating, my over-interpretation.

      A little surprises me that error in the power supply Rigol.
      This is a very basic mistake and there should be a switch mode power supply or power LDO etc ….
      You can see RIGOL decided to save money. But it also proves that no one out there that does not test? And it is already very bad.

    • Paul Collins

      I personally enjoyed the video on the Rigol PSU, as I’m intending buying one, if Dave was totally trying to sell NEW stuff on brand names he’d hardly be buying the stuff out of his own pocket,and he’d hardly advise people to buy things like old analogue scopes, DSA ect. Humans , we are funny creatures , we build people up , only to knock them down, ridiculous in my opinion.
      I accept the adverts, some are very good, nice to see whats out there adverts are everywhere, when your out & about. Plus Dave has to make a living nothing wrong with that, if adverts are a part of that it’s fine, he has to bring food to the table like we all do. “So calm down dear” let the man alone.

    • Kirill

      Now I think I am starting to undersatnd the guy’s opinion. The points are:
      1) Dave started not so bad but ended up making pure commercial videos for Rigol.
      2) His viewers are so dumb that they just can’t see what is happening. Luckily we have one guy to show us the truth so either Dave does what he says or we should leave immediately because of the shame we have seen.

      The problem is I like Dave’s videos anyway. Sorry Marcin, I just can’t help myself.

    • Co6aka

      The shortest path to ruin is trying to please everyone.

      (So don’t even try.)

      Merry Christmas:

    • Grege

      Wow and those fruitcakes look really good Co6aka.

    • Jerry

      Hi Dave
      Fantastic blog – Great to hear honest opinions.
      Following your DP832 design comments I though you may find my experience of buying one in the UK interesting.
      After the reviews and reports of the overheating issue being fixed I decided to buy one as I felt sure that by now all new units shipped would be updated.
      I ordered 4 days ago (21/11/13) from Rigol UK and it was delivered today (woo hoo).
      It looked great but I was amazed to find that it had the original heatsink and old board and also still had the old firmware with the channel 1 1-10 mA issue.
      I contacted Rigol and they basically said I had 2 options…
      1 Live with it.
      2 Send it back for a refund.
      I can only assume that Rigol are more responsive in Australia.
      Their official response as read to me by the guy I spoke to was…
      “The board supplied is approved by Rigol as being safe and properly designed”
      So there you have it. The manufaturers of the regulator must be wrong 😉

      Keep them comming…

      • That’s a poor response!
        What about the dealer you bought it from? I did not deal with Rigol on this at all, I went through my dealer.

      • Paul Collins

        I’m in the UK ,and was about to buy one, as I mentioned in my previous post, they have just lost a sale, with that attitude the do not deserve my money.

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