• EEVblog #552 – DFM Automated PCB Panel Testing

    Dave demonstrates how to add testing capabilities to your PCB panel for easier production testing. Using an example of his new uCurrent design, and also a commercial product designed to be automatically ATE tested.
    Essentially Part 3 of the PCB Design For Manufacture series.
    PCB DFM Part1
    PCB DFM Part2
    uCurrent Test Jig HERE
    Testing uCurrents HERE
    Forum HERE

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      • Keebler

        And how about creating another board in size of a panel (or a little bigger one to make pass/fail leds visible) with some kind of spring connectors touching unmasked testpoints on bottom layer of panelized boards? I would give ‘unlimited’ 😉 test connections count allowing for switching modes etc.
        With some kind of sliders you put a tested panel over it, , everything’s tested 😉
        Just a crazy idea 😀

      • Ovidiu M

        What about pogo pins fitted to a ppe or pom base with cables running to the test system?

      • SD

        The pogo pins idea is called ICT (In-Circuit Test). The NRE is large enough that it is usually only used for volume production.

      • f4eru

        Pogo pins soldered between a pair of pcbs (with spacers) would be much better.

      • Plz post something about Electrical Technology

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      • Johm

        Dave, would you agree to share your AD component libraries?

      • Das Loon


      • Dear i am also love electrical plz do some thing about ET.
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