• Amp Hour

    Dave has a weekly electronics radio show with Chris Gammell, it’s called The Amp Hour
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    The Amp Hour

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      • ElektronikCZ

        So, Dave, are you in every episode of Amp Hour ? If yes, i will download every single one of them 😀

      • Tristan Pauwels

        Ik vind je video’s super tof ik ben ook technisch

      • Tristan Pauwels

        Ik schroef

      • Scott Holmes

        Hey Dave, I love listening to the amp hour with some of my mates at work.

      • Sidney Kantor

        Hey Dave and Chris love all the content! Great stuff! Any chance of dedicating an Amp Hour episode or video to talk about China and its manufacturing capability? I search eBay and I’m in disbelief at how cheap electronic boards are. I couldn’t by two capacitors for the cost of an entire motor controller. How can this be? Is this good or bad? Also, how can those of us with ideas for niche markets such as small motor controllers, etc. be competitive given how cheap the stuff is from China? I’ve heard that some design houses in China follow crowd funding campaigns looking for good ideas and if they find one they can take the idea, design the product and begin selling it online within 2 or 3 weeks (before the real product even finishes its fund raising). Anyway, I think it would make a great topic for discussion.

        Keep up all the great work. It’s much appreciated.

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