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EEVblog #107 – Live Show #4

The 4th Live EEVbog show. Dave answering questions in the lab and flashing the odd bit of hardware around. EEVblog #107 - Live Show #4 [ 201.69 MB ] Download (10302)

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EEVblog #106 – Top 5 Tips To Bring Your Product to Market

Are you are a hobbyist, hacker, maker, or garage engineer with a great product idea? Dave gives you his Top 5 tips for bringing your product to market. And a bonus Top 5 reasons to avoid patents. Copyright, Marketing, Advertising, Protection, and Creative Commons Open Source all get a look ...

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EEVblog #96 – The TI LaunchPad MSP430 Development Board

Drive-Time. Dave rants randomly about TI’s bold new entry into the hobby/hacker/maker market with the $4.30 MSP-EXP430G2 Evaluation Board, and what it’s got to do with the Arduino. EEVblog #96 - The TI LaunchPad MSP430 Development Board [ 39.26 MB ] Download (11117) EEVblog #96 - The TI LaunchPad MSP430 ...

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