Rigol’s History

For those interested in Rigol, here is a video of Jack Brand, GM of Rigol speaking about their history. They claim to be the #2 manufacturer of oscilloscopes in the world (by volume).

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  1. Just bought me a DS1052E due to the good review on EEVblog.
    It’ll be my first scope,
    Can’t wait!!!

    Also i like the ideal of this blog, i hope it continues and explores many area’s. So far so good.


  2. The video has been removed.

  3. Anyone know why?

    • Jack Brand worked for Tek and HP when it was HP and later Agilent. He set up the original distribution scope line that were re-branded and slightly changed Rigol models. Jack now works for LeCroy at their headquarters in Chestnut ridge, New York where I met with him him recently. He is VP in charge of their distribution line of scopes and test equipment. Quite an interesting and nice fellow.

      Moderator LeCroy Owners Group on Yahoo!

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