Vote until the cows come home!

Yes, I’m entered into the “Streamy” awards in the category of Best Video Blogger!

Give in to your primeval nerdy urge and vote for Dave by simply clicking on the link:


(Select “Best Vlogger”. Enter “David Jones”, “EEVblog”, and “”)
(be sure to enter the info exactly like that, it might dilute the votes otherwise)
(and don’t worry about the Twitter page thing it takes you to, you don’t need Twitter to enter)

Oh, and it gets better, you can vote once a day until Jan 22nd from each IP address. You know you want to!
Dave thanks you. The nerd world thanks you.

How cool would it be for an electronics nerd to win the category over some cute chick with a million viewers a week who just blogs about her makeup!
If I can get a thousand regular viewers to submit each day until Jan 22, that’s about 30,000 votes!

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  1. good luck…


  2. Count another vote from me!!

  3. Well, you’re the only vlogger I watch, so you’ve got my vote. ;^) Done.

  4. Just like a man. Acting like electronics is as important as makeup. Sure, totes, whatever.

    Phil Hobbs

    (Father of two daughters 😉

  5. Done; Good luck.
    Cheers & seasons greetings…


  6. Vote submitted.

    Surely we nerds could devise a script to do the daily honours?
    Whistles and wanders off…

  7. I like the idea of an electronics engineer winning over some ditzy blonde, so you have my vote.

  8. You’ve got my vote.

    Merry Christmas to you and the missus.


  9. Just to make sure, I’m supposed to enter “EEVblog” where it says “Person(s)” and “David Jones” where it says “Series Name” ?

  10. In that case I voted wrong twice and once correct 🙂

  11. voted and really enjoy your passion, at first I thought you were on something but I think you are just one of these people the electronics industry needs.
    All the best for 2010 and beyond.

    • Darren,

      You gotta ask yourself why they’re pushing so hard on the ROHS standard in Euuurp. 🙂

      Maybe it’s something in the water, down-under?

      I agree– Dave is definitely a ‘breath of fresh air’ for electronics.


  12. David is also nominated for Wires Sexiest Geek of 2009

    Although there’s stiff competition

  13. Voted. Keep up the good work ;).

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