OT: I need data!

Please excuse the OT post, but I need a favour from my Australian viewers.
Can you go to www.youtube.com/my_speed and email me a screen capture (PNG is best) of what you get and also (importantly) let me know which ISP you are using.
Telstra are screwing me and throttling my Youtube bandwidth and I want to expose them!
So I’d like to get some data to use. Definitely some others with Telstra, but I need lots of other aussie ISP’s for comparisons too.


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  1. Email address?

  2. I know you only asked for other Aussie’s but look mine sucks to. Of course I only have 1.5 mbs DSL anyways.


    • My ISP is Qwest. And they are not “The Spirit of Service” they claim to be. We pay the same as everyone else but since we are out in the middle of nowhere practically, although 2 miles from an Air Base, we are still using phone lines that have got to be pushing 40 years old.

      Every time it rains or gets cold our lines lose integrity and we lose our internet and sometimes even phone service, and they still wont fix it, hahaha, and the tech told me they are running out of spare lines. Talk about an aging infrastructure made worse by suits. The techs want to put new lines in but can’t get the company to give them a work order.. Techs words not mine :)..

      I think the tech is in fear of his job though last few times hes found ways to inject into our conversation that we are at the edge of the service area, something like 3 mile range for DSL or something and then it doesn’t work as well. Load of shit if you ask me.

      Anyways end of my rant on my ISP.

  3. Mine is abysmal. I have long suspected Cox Communications of degrading video streams.

    It makes sense when you think it from a business perspective. I only get a data connection from them. No vid, no phone service.

    So they’re losing out on revenue. If you were an exec at Cox what would you do? You’d fuck with bandwidth to site like YouTube, Blip, Hulu, etc. that’s what you’d do.

    This demonstrates why we need strong Net Neutrality here in the U.S. I hope the FCC gets its act together.

  4. When i started the video with the test i downloaded with 5300 kbps :D. Yeah 5 megs

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