The EEVblog Live Show

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, geeks and nerds, step right up for the inaugural EEVblog Live Show this Sunday the 23rd @ 2pm PDT (USA), or Monday 24th 8am Sydney EST.
It promises to be a nerderific extravaganza of biblical proportions. With pyrotechnics, dancing girls, and performing monkeys!

No?, how about just Dave in the lab talking about electronics and ranting on like he normally does…
The show will be based on live viewer questions and/or whatever Dave thinks of, so be sure to log on to the chat channel during the show and throw some questions his way.
Keep’em reasonable and short please, and don’t ask for tutorials etc, they are better suited to regular edited blog episodes. I’m good at off-the-cuff opinions, so try me 😉

At the very least you get to watch Dave make a spectacular fool of himself!

Yes, barring any technical glitches the show will be recorded and uploaded later on the blog.

Check here to RSVP and register, but you only have to register if you want to join in the live chat:

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