The EEVblog Live Show

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, geeks and nerds, step right up for the inaugural EEVblog Live Show this Sunday the 23rd @ 2pm PDT (USA), or Monday 24th 8am Sydney EST.
It promises to be a nerderific extravaganza of biblical proportions. With pyrotechnics, dancing girls, and performing monkeys!

No?, how about just Dave in the lab talking about electronics and ranting on like he normally does…
The show will be based on live viewer questions and/or whatever Dave thinks of, so be sure to log on to the chat channel during the show and throw some questions his way.
Keep’em reasonable and short please, and don’t ask for tutorials etc, they are better suited to regular edited blog episodes. I’m good at off-the-cuff opinions, so try me 😉

At the very least you get to watch Dave make a spectacular fool of himself!

Yes, barring any technical glitches the show will be recorded and uploaded later on the blog.

Check here to RSVP and register, but you only have to register if you want to join in the live chat:

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  1. And like usual i can’t be there… 1 AM in the morning for me…

  2. For those in the UK (and any other countries in the GMT time zone), this event is 10pm Sunday… Looking forward to this if I remember it! 🙂

  3. That’s 00:00 Monday for most of the rest of Europe (CEST). Not a problem for a night owl like me.

  4. Might I suggest adding this link to the main post to take out the guess work and avoid 10+ people posting air times for different time zones 😉

  5. I’ll be there, though it looks like I won’t be able to chat. Ustream isn’t letting me log in, or reset my password, the chat panel is a blank white space (although it DOES connect to IRC), and the IRC server randomly demands passwords and doesn’t give voice access or even list channel members correctly.

  6. No, Sunday the 24th. Either Sunday the 23rd or Monday the 24th.

  7. Suggest that you look at the Adafruit Industries “ask a Engineer” segment done each Saturday at 10-11pm EDT to see how they do pretty much the same thing on ustream. You may know Limor she is pretty much into alternative electronics and is one of the main Arduino “Makers” resources in the US and sells a lot of kits.

    Oh to be a young engineer again and not toasted so much on both sides.

    Cheers John

  8. Count me in. It should be fun.

  9. If i’m up (UK here) i’ll be watching.

  10. Bugger the live cast, is that an AVO-10 I see leftmost in the photo of all the meters?

    • No, A Micronta FET VOM on the left and a Triplett 630NA 58 range on the right.

      • Ah yes, my mistake.
        If I recall correctly the AVO-10 had an arced scale instead of the “modern” rectangular scale.

        One of its unique features was a circuit breaker instead of a fuse on the high current range.

  11. 7PM for me, great!
    I can’t wait to see Dave mess up live, I mean…

  12. @Tom: Yes, sorry about that, got a little confused with GMT & BST. It’s 10pm GMT, but 11pm BST (which we are currently in).

  13. So this is , uh, 4PM in CDT? Would suck to miss this due to a time miscalculation.

  14. Michael Thompson

    It was neat checking out the test broadcast!
    Thanks for fielding my Fluke 179 question.

    Break a leg!

  15. If the show is on at 8am in Sydney, then it’s going to be 3pm in the US. Not 2 pm. Am I wrong?

  16. 3pm PST in the US – sorry.

  17. Arg… I missed the live stream as I had to go run errands, but I don;t see answers to a couple questions so I figured I’d answer what I could.

    1) Yes, the time for US viewers the time was wrong on two counts: One, it started at 3:00p PDT, not the stated 2:00p. And two, the Ustream website says the stream will start on 5/24 2:00p PDT… the following day.

    2) Yes, I think the lighting was a little to much, or atleast to much spot lighting on Dave. Dave’s face was washed out and close to clipping, the background was fine though.

    3) Judging by the recording of the stream, the constant beeping of the laptop after Dave’s… ummm, accident… was probably the USB camera connection shorting out. After the water the camera would work for a burst of frames and then nothing for 10-20 seconds. Everything was fine before that.

    4) Finally, the recording of the stream ends at 12:27. Talk about your climatic cliff-hangers, Dave are you setting up for EEVBlog:Season 2 – High Voltage Circuit Design and Destruction!, coming in 6 short months…?

    Viewer: “Tell us about the OUTATIME license plate”
    Dave: “Yep, cool, no worries.”
    Dave: “The OUTATIME license plate…”


  18. That was damn hilarious!
    I haven’t watched the video back yet, but I’m sure everyone was pissing themselves at the epic FAIL!

    Yeah, UStream screwed up the time I think. I scheduled it for 8am Sydney time and it said that was 2pm PDT. I figured it knew what it was doing! Time on the recording however shows 3pm – crazy!

  19. G’DAY MATE!! Awesome!!It went fine! besides the water spill incident 🙂
    A big thumbs up!!! BEAUTY!!
    I’m so pissed off because I had to work and I couldn’t watch it live!!
    Anyways, I’m loking forward to the next EEVblog LIVE!!

  20. Michael Thompson

    Kudos on getting something up and running on short notice after the water incident!

    It was great fun and I’m sure the next one will be as well.

    I also hope that “Dave’s Magical Laser Closet” is featured in the next installment. 😉

  21. Thanks for thinking to record the stream Dave. I wanted to watch live and even set a reminder but I still missed it. Great show and I hope you keep them coming. Blame the computer damage on us viewers, we drove you to do it 😉

  22. So the suspense is still killing me… I missed the live event, but I just watched the uStream video, and yah, what’s with the OUTATIME license plate…?

    Being in California and all, wanna trade ? haha, just kidding…

    Good stuff, good try. Let us know how the wife’s laptop fairs out. If it’s a Dell, I could probably hook you up with replacement parts, as we have 100’s of them lying around at work…

    Take care,


  23. You are obviously missing the second part of the video!

    You can find both parts here:

    Or direct links.
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Hope this helps those people who seem to be missing Part 2!



  24. Watched you live, enjoyed it and got all my questions answered, what else could I want? oh yes, the laptop incident tshirt. Don’t forget that!


  25. Michael Thompson

    Someone please photoshop a glass of water and Dave’s “outtatime” license plate into his hands on this photo?

  26. Dave, re my qustion at 0:23:30 about Jeri Ellsworth’s channel, if she is up then you can catch her on click play on the right hand video window, and log into the IRC chat window at the bottom of the page to use the text to speech. You can change your name with /nick , but pick a name that is unique or it won’t work. Let people know who you are, everyone there knows about you!

  27. those general electric circuit breakers are the best to use :

  28. At last some ratoniialty in our little debate.

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