Telstra got the kick up the arse they deserved!

Back on May 10th I exposed Telstra/Bigpond’s very poor Youtube bandwidth and how 1/3 of all Australia’s households using Telstra were having their Youtube bandwidth effectively throttled in some way compared to every other ISP in Australia.

The blog got lots of coverage and as a result Telstra contacted me (unofficially) the next day and said it would be fixed within hours.
This is of course after them being aware of it for a long time and really just not giving a shit because no one shouted loud enough.

It turned out to be Telstra’s peering arrangements with Google/Youtube that meant all Youtube traffic was being streamed from overseas instead of Google’s local host here in Australia
Can you imagine the international bandwidth this was hogging?!



Notice the step change in Teltra’s average a few days after them being exposed.

See the full res images here:

Some times the only thing that works is to kick someone up the arse publicly!

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  1. Awesome! Glad to see they saw your post!

  2. It’s awesome to see a big company like Telstra (especially Telstra, really) take notice of something like this and get things done.

    Great work, Dave.

  3. Good job! I suppose I should reach out to Cox subscribers in my area and have them test too.

  4. Congratulations Dave

    A truth David and Goliath story.

  5. Now all I need to TelstraClear over here in NZ to stop rate limiting. The pause trick isn’t working and I’m spending more time buffering than I am watching.

    so much for a 15mbit “full speed” adsl 2+ connection

  6. I notice that, although your speed has increased by more than 10x, the Telstra ISP average has only doubled and is still only ~30% of the Sydney average …. ? Have they really applied a global fix or not ?

    Also in the speed comparison over time, Telstra’s speed is clearly consistent at about twice its previous rate, but does not follow the periodic movement in the Sydney & NSW data.

    Still more work to be done apparently…

    • Remember that he noted that he pays for the best bandwidth plan offered, which won’t be the case for most of Australia probably.

    • Maybe more work to be done, and they said it would take some time to roll out some hardware for a “better” fix. Don’t know if that is complete yet.
      Telstra claim that the flat line is due to having so may users on old 1.5Mbps DSL lines, so it flattens out the average much more than any other ISP. I’m sure that has some effect, but when pushed to provide the data to back that statement up they declined.

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