The Dave Jones & Chris Gammell Show

The inaugural Dave Jones & Chris Gammell podcast radio show!
An off-the-cuff podcast about electronics designs, and anything electronic industry related.

Feedback, Comments, and Q&A questions invited for the next show!
And we need a name for the show, all suggestions invited!

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  1. There’s lots of hackerspaces in Aussie.

    See has over 50 members.

    Not so many here in NZ.


  2. Fun stuff! You guys seem to get along well, and the topics of conversation are interesting.

    I was listening to Chris’s first podcast the other day, and he mentioned a bit about the water-flow analogy for electronic circuits. It inspired me to thrash out a blog post about capacitors as water balloons –

    As for show names, how about “The DC Show”? The Dave and Chris show, get it? It’s a stupid pun, which is perfect. And when you get Lady Ada to guest-star, you can call it the “A & DC” show. ;]

  3. I think the closest thing to the US Makefest things would be amateur radio rallies. In the 90s there would be one every weekend somewhere around the UK. Many turned into computer fairs unfortunately, very iffy software and hardware.

    Circuit Cellar began in the now defunct computer mag “Byte”, which was where most of us got to hear US industry news before the Internet took over. If you want something more analogue to read, the ARRL have a couple of amateur radio magazines.

    By the way, my newish i7 pc motherboard has headers for rs232 and parallel. Finding appropriate connectors though is a different matter. Sounds like it might be built into the chipset.

    • Serial/Parallel (and a bunch of other functions) aren’t provided by the main chipset but rather a Super I/O chip. Generally wheither or not the board exposes these features is a matter of them adding the headers/ports.

    • There’s a “computer fair” most weekends near to where I live. I’ve never visited it, but I’m fairly sure it’ll be a big room full of dodgy looking people selling cheap printer inks and DVDs by the hundred. Oh, and CPUs stuck to bits of foam

      I used to go to similar ones in the 90s and they mostly sold cheap motherboards, pirate software and “multimedia” speakers.

  4. Dave – I really think TI might be even clever than you are giving them credit for.

    Think of all the “arduino projects” you see. Now think of how many more people would have attempted the project if they knew they were going to be out less than $10 if they fail. I see people throwing these silly things into EVERYTHING. A $4.30 board? Are you kidding me? These will end up permanently installed into all sorts of hacks. I mean at $4.30, I’m fine with it controlling my door bell and living inside a wall forever. With arduino at about $40 shipped, I’d think twice about that. In fact, I’d unplug it and move it to the next project…

    Just my 2 cents.

    Loved the podcast – I didn’t miss the video as much as I thought I would. In fact I got up and got some cleaning done!

    George Graves

    • Yeah, shame you can’t buy just the board without the box and all the rigmarole!

    • @Dave
      that is great, it’s kinda like Leo Laporte’s podcast except more technical and about electronics it’ll be great I’m sure !!

      I hope you’ll get guests from the hobby/maker/hacker/robot crowd too !

      @George Graves
      you can get arduinos for 12$ now
      that’s throwaway money
      perfect for controlling my furnace or my Air conditionner cooled air compressor

      the big analog welder is next after that etc..

      at 12$ it’s good for many projects yet it doesn’t risk going away as a platform like TI’s heavily subsidized “MSP430 breakout board”, and that’s what the arduino is also
      a standardised breakout pattern for the Atmega168 and Atmega1280, btw a arduino mega can be had for 35$CAD shipped to canada so that’s a lot of bang for the buck

      and honestly I hope to see a Cortex 3 or some other ARM cpu on a standard arduino or arduino mega breakout pattern, and a pic and a hybrid dsp like the motorola 56F8323

  5. The Dave and Chris Electrical Engineering Podcast (DCEE Podcast)

  6. Dave – You say that there’s nothing for makers / hackers in Aus.

    I know that’s not the case.

    There’s a fairly active Model Engineering scene in Aus, and it’s more mechanical engineering focussed – steam engines and stuff.

    I’m sure they’ll be involved in exhibitions and so on, and certainly in the UK there are groups like the SMEE.

    They’re a bit different from your idea of a Hacker Fair, but it’s still engineering.

    If you ask me there’s a fairly significant divide in mentality. For Model Engineers steam rules the roost, but for Hackers/Makers the focus is more on electronics and software.

    I think it’s something to do with the old vs new. I like both, but I feel like a pariah saying that. I like steam engines, I find them fascinating. They’re just not as interesting as electric motors and batteries, which you also find.

    Software, firmware and electronics can be fascinating. When you combine these things you’re into engine management systems, radar, even scientific instrumentation.

    How about a home made mass spectrometer?

    My point really is that the networks are already there. If you look at Model Engineering, when you go back in time perhaps just after WWII you’ll find that the electronics and mechanical engineering worlds were much closer together in the paper publications.

    Get involved.

  7. Very nice radio show! One hour length is perfect: listened to the first 30 minutes on my way to work and the second half on the way back. Interesting topics! Keep it going!

  8. Thanks for the tip off on DesignSpark PCB

  9. How about calling it Double E Pod?

  10. Thank you for doing this, do it again!
    I’ve been looking for a podcast just like this. Just a general talk show about hobby electronics. Surprisingly little out there in this area. You should do well.

  11. Meant to mention. Could you please separate it from your video podcast on iTunes.
    Oh, wait, you don’t have a name for the show, never mind…….

  12. Hey Guys !

    Steve Ciarcia (Se-Arc-See-A to my understanding)Originally wrote articles for Carl Helmers (Used to advertize in Carl’s BYTE Mag. mid 70’s) or was steve in after Carl sold to McGraw Hill Pub … I probably have some original mags. (Byte) w/steve here somewhere… in any event, he spun-off his own mag. I eMailed him a few months ago w/response so he is still alive and kickin’ .. and so …


    Steve has been an innovator and leader for years..



    • Circuit Cellar was bought by Elektor not to long ago. And then the subscription rates went through the roof, like +50% 🙁 Before that the digital subscription was really good value for money, especially for those outside the US.

      Since Dave or Chris mentioned CC contests, they already had one or two in 2010. Although nothing really interesting. I remember for one of the contests you could hardly avoid to buy a particular board from a certain, sponsoring distributor. Unfortunately a distributor not really prepared to sell to individuals in my county. And I remember there was some problem with a compiler license.

      I am not sure if Elektor did Circuit Cellar any good.

  13. It doesn’t take too much to organize a marker fair. i contacted o’reilley once and they have the mini maker faire program. everyone can apply to organize one free of charge. i think it would be possible where you live with the audience reach you got.
    look at barcamps, they don’t cost too much to organize. keep it low key to start with. always found australians very diy oriented and hands on. give it a try.

  14. Since you’re in different hemispheres, how about the Bipolar Blog?


    Phil Hobbs

  15. Dave how about call this new venture Magic Smoke cause anyone that has ever played with electronics noes the fun when the secret stuff gets out.

    You can even use some of the cap blow-up video for a logo.

    • I like magic smoke. Whenever we blow up a part we always shout, “Get the smoke back in! Get it back in!”

      • Around here we say another sorry excuse for explosives although the day we shorted the 9 phase motor control reprogramming the on board FPGA’s was one hell of a fire work getting that smoke back in might have be harder than pulling it out

  16. Well this new faceless audio show should be named EE Dudes…

  17. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  18. I like “EE Dudes”

    But, often there is something in the name which points to the fact, that it is a podcast.

    So my entry in the not yet official “name the show contest” would be

    “Electronics Engineering Audio Podcast” “EEAcast”

    Sounds recognizable don’t you think.

    Keep up the good work guys, I really like the podcast.

  19. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your good work. After watching your post on USB Scopes, would you give review on the following product from Acquitek.

    If you want, I can send you the specification in pdf file.

    Kind regards,

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