EEVblog #103 – World’s Largest Depth of Field Laser Hologram

Dave & Phil check out the world’s largest depth of field laser hologram display at Macquarie University.
It was part of the Paula Dawson exhibition. The bar display is titled “To Absent Friends”
This hologram was created in 1988 and is still the worlds largest to this day. They don’t make holographic plates this big any more!
The resolution on this entire room display is incredible and was hard to catch on camera in the low light, but you can read the labels on the bottles as if they are right in front of you, and the light reflections in the crystal vases and other objects was simply amazing.
See a behind the scenes video of how it was created here:
http://www.pauladawson.com.au/ (click through to the To Absent Friends video)

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