Contest – Win a UEi DM391 Industrial Multimeter


Win this very nice UEi DM391 Multimeter by entering HERE

As tested in my $100 meter shootout (so it’s slightly “reviewed”!), and it gave a very good account of itself.
An excellent industrial quality meter.

No lame country restrictions, anyone can enter. All you have to do is be a member of the EEVblog forum.

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  1. Not entering, I just want to wish everyone luck, and congratulations to the eventual winner. Looks like a fun meter to use.

    Mark Z.

  2. Just curious how many meters you have on your bench not to enter? It seems I am always one short.

    • I haven’t even stopped to count. Fluke 8840A, 8800AF, 87-5, a NEW 87-5, 27FM, a 77BN, a Beckman RMS225, a couple Microntas, a VIZ, 2 Simpsons, a couple PSM-37’s, and this does NOT count those I keep in the parts room.
      I haven’t put my brothers’ Tektronix into service yet…it’s a 50,000 count dual display model.
      Wouldn’t want to get greedy with multimeters, eh?

  3. I have multimeters aplenty, so I’ll dodge this compo and let someone else with a greater need than I have a shot at it.

    Good luck all!

  4. PS: I hope it doesn’t really sit there reading voltages and powering the backlight when it’s in the off position!


    • You didn’t check the review episode? It’s the good old green background type meter and the text is probably just a sticker….

      But hey, Dave should slap a “Hand assembled in Australia by David L. Jones” -stamp in it! 😀

  5. Dave’s had hold of this thing.. It could be worth thousands in a few years 🙂

    Thanks for these competitions Dave.

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