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  1. Seems that RSS works again. Grats and thanks, I’ll be more wary of that hideous chemical from now on! 😉

  2. Dave,

    Thanks for the video. It looked like you put a lot of work into it, but that’s 7.5 minutes of my life I will never get back 🙁

    Dave, you can’t act!

    Your wife on the other and is a real natural. It didn’t seem like she was reading a script or anything, very nice. And her voice is to die for! WOW what a cutie. You need to get her in movies, she has real potential if you ask me: _/–($)^($)–\_


  3. Hey Dave, amusing short film!

    -and I see you’ve finally sprung for a proper tripod (or got around to fixing one) so your wife can get a break from being behind the camera for a change! NICE! 😉

    There is a similar area in Pennsylvania where I have had similar fun on the seat of my pants.

    Somehow those sequences where you’re wearing the lab stuff in the woods remind me of where my mind is at work sometimes.

    Great stuff!

    Happy Holidays to all!

  4. oh dear, Dave …

    as your video blog is anyway “under observation” (yeah, you said those bad words “i hate NA govs”) some smart politicians in NA will ask for a new tax.

    Why ? Simple, dihydrogen-mon”oxide” is like
    oxid and oxid = oxidation, oxidation = dangerous, dangerous fluids = “drugs”, “drugs” = “crazy Dave” (this guy hate us) …

    so you see, dihydrogen-monoxide tax make sense 🙂

  5. I always wondered how a pre-scripted EEVBlog would be like.

    Now I know, and I wished I didn’t: It’s outragiously terrible!

    Please Dave, do what you do best: rant, review and educate, but please let it be off-the-cuff!

    You’re not a bad actor. You are a HORRIBLE actor – at least in 2008!


    Greetings from cold and snowed in BERLIN (GERMANY),
    – E-Hybrid

  6. Now this was a big waste of time, bandwidth and money 😀

  7. LoL
    Truly awfull im afraid Dave. I thought for a moment I was on some bad acid trip.

    From the title “dihydrogen monoxide” H2O I though I was going in for a rant on how hydrogen power isn’t green and the energy to split the hydrogen from the water has to come from some ‘usually’ unsustainable source, or some blah blah on hydrogen fuel cells in calculators (which would have been interesting to even me as a non tree hugger).

    Oh well don’t give up your day job Dave stick to EE 😀

    On the bright side your wife is quite the hottie you lucky bugger AND can act better than you.

    I think your wife will be the only one getting positive reviews on this un mate.

  8. All I can say is.. Keep trying…
    Eventually you will get it 🙂

  9. Dave

    How did you make it a carbon nutral producton?

  10. you mentioned it was related to caching – try excluding rss from being cached

  11. Hey Dave great film about water! I got a question – Is your water meter at your home on the inside or outside?

    The reason I’m working on an open-source water meter that requires no tampering with the meter itself. Most people in the northern USA have their meters in the basement and my device requires a wall wart to run (<50ma to run).

    I hear most of your meters are outside on the lawn somewhere. Whats your situation?


    • Correct. Most meters for Australian homes (on their own block of land) typically have the water meter out the front on the lawn, right out near the front footpath.
      I’m not sure of the history behind why this is.

  12. We have just had water meters rolled out here in Hobart. The electronics inside, which is interrogated by some sort of R.F. link at high frequency has a quarter wavs stub antenna which looks cut for about 2.4GHz, so probably some sort of “Bluetooh”. It gets its power from a small turbine turned by the flow of water and presumably charges some sort of secondary cell(s).
    If I can get my hands on one, I’ll, (to use Dave’s own words), “tear it down”, draw its circuit and reverse engineer it.
    Interesting thing is, many of them are installed in die-cast aluminium pits with metal lids level with the ground above, these are used where vehicles must drive over them. These is only a 1cm hole in the lid to stick a finger through to lift it. The R.F. must get throuigh by the imprtfect fit of the lid in the pit. Most pits, however are fibreglass re-enforced polypropylene installed on people’s front lawns on the customer side of the main tap.

    • Yeah, that would be cool if you can get one. You can get a fair bit of charge power from flowing water, at least in terms of a small Rf transmitter like that.

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