Regular Heroes of Science 2011 Video Competition

Dustin Welbourne from the Canberra Reptile Sanctuary is putting up $7500 prize money for a video science competition.
And yes, engineers being an applied science can enter too.
It is however limited to Australia and NZ only.

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  1. Hey Dave. You sir, are an inspiration. Sorry for being suck a kiss-ass, but as a recent EE graduate looking for work, I cannot tell you how much your blog means to me, and certainly to people with similar goals in similar points of life.

    Anyways, I hope you never tire in producing your wonderful blog, it’s been a great supplement to a traditional uni education–heavy on theory with little practical expertise.

    Best of luck to you mate :). BTW, Love the PCB Design Guide.


  2. Karl (not that Karl, the other Karl)

    Disgusting spam. Let me fart in your general direction.

  3. You might want to tailor your canned spam a little more. Saying “I like your style of writing.” on a video blog is a bit of a giveaway.


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