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  1. What will you do with all those LCD modules?

  2. 110 LCD modules for 110 555 timers sounds about right.

  3. I couldn’t fail notice that he also uses DaveCAD. Maybe a videoblog should be dedicated to this disappearing art, too.
    (I have seen hand-drawn schematics making more sense than official manufacturers’ diagramms drawn by graphic designers…).

  4. Hey Dave !

    do you have couple of those screen shovels left?

    i would like to buy it off you, if the package size is around 80x36x10 ???

    the most important for me is hight to be about 10mm -11mm


  5. Hey Dave,

    Any plays to build more micro-currents now that you are doing the blog full time?

  6. Jeri called Dave ‘long-winded’ etc. while presenting the most boring hour of video imaginable. The bloody yanks have a typical trait – they spend 30 seconds telling you what they know and an hour telling you what they think they know………

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