• EEVblog #182 – Rode Videomic Shotgun Microphone Hack

    Dave does a quick hack on his Rode Videomic so he can actually see the battery LED when he’s in front of the camera.
    UPDATE: After further research it turns out the existing LED constitutes the majority of the product current consumption. So I’ll re-wire this new one in series with the existing LED and drop the current as well to increase the battery life.

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      • nixxon

        Nice feature with that front LED.

        Before you performed the mod, you say the voltage drop over the 1K resistor is around 4,5V. If the LED voltage drop is around 1,6V, this sums up to just above 6V DC to the LED circuit.

        Is the total voltage that supplies the LEDs and 1K resistors = 6V? (less than the 9 volts that come from the battery)


        • nixxon

          I guess I will have to open my own Røde Videomic and measure the voltage going to the LEDs… I will let you know when I know the voltage.

      • Nice job. I would have probably put cut a trace on the PCB and put the new LED in series with the existing LED to save power. Is there a reason you didn’t go this route?

        Not trying to say you did anything wrong. You did it and that’s better than me. I have the same mic and am also annoyed when I leave it on by accident. I’ll probably modify mine now thanks to you.

        • Davey

          Just because.

        • I got it stuck in my head that I wanted to explain not to wire LED’s directly in parallel without dropper resistors, so I went with the parallel implementation.
          Combine that with the time pressure of just wanting to get the job done and the blog shot and edited…
          No need to cut tracks, just remove the SMD dropper resistor.
          I’ll be redoing mine to put it in series and lower the entire product consumption.

        • Slobodan

          “I would have probably put cut a trace on the PCB and put the new LED in series with the existing LED to save power.”

          How does that saves power?

          • f4eru

            by using the power wasted in the R, instead of drawing more current.
            of course, there needs to be enough drop for the extra led

            • Slobodan

              Ah, yes.

      • adam lumpkins

        Dave, Love the vid. as allways very informative!!!!

      • XynxNet

        Nice mod.

        I noticed two dip switches below the led. Do you know, what they are for?


      • f4eru

        Dave, when i see you holding probes and sliding a battery, i think a foot pedal switch with bananas can be a useful accessory for lab use …

        • Dave

          I never even thought of it like that, wow thats amazing.

      • PJN

        I would put a mirror behind it. Low time, low cost! Or perhaps, if possible, make a lightbridge to the front.

      • Very cool mod. Heat shrink tubing is a very nice touch. Without it it’d be kinda dangerous.

      • The rode Microphone is best microphone to me. thanks for your shearing.

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