Moving to dedicated server

It didn’t go as smoothly as predicted, so we are back on the old HostMonster server for now.
Progress continues in the background as time permits…
Feel free to post comments and use the forum and site as usual.

I’m currently moving the site and forum to a new dedicated server!
Please hang tight until it’s done, it could be a day or two for all the work, plus DNS propagation.
Please don’t post any comments in the meantime, they will be lost!

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  1. Be carefull who you host with. I’ve been down that path and ended up right back at home. The big guys, like Web Central, etc, have all had big problems in the last few years with lost data, old/no backups, etc. I had more luck hosting on a small town ISP, at least he would answer the phone when there were problems ( not like Web Central ).

    If you can, use a virtual server and set up your own backup routine. I would backup off site to DropBox, and then sync DropBox to my home server.


  2. Thanks for all your hard work Dave. I am hanging in, and I assume the rest of us will as well. …. C

  3. I presume Dave is sticking with HostMonster, but yes I can only concurr with Glenn, I’ve had 2 servers with 2 companies, both of whom went down the river…..virtually zero notice.
    A nice wee idea is to get a 2nd DSL line then sync your dedicated server to your home so that in the event of losing your server then at least you’ll have all your data, and at the same time you can use the extra DSL bandwidth for yourself if you channel bond.

  4. I feel your pain Dave. I agree with the other comments, do your own backups and never rely on your host doing any backups or data restore for you.

    I suggest a scripted backup option that does everything for you each night automatically.

  5. Ya, I feel your pain too, had to move servers a bunch of times, and it can be quite annoying. I actually ended up going to cloud, and had no issues since then, if you need any help shoot me an email.

  6. Congrats on making your dream a reality!

  7. I human bookmarked it for you so that others present be able to see what you get to say

    Laith Salma

  8. Yes! Finally something about traffic exchange.

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