EEVblog #206 – RIP Steve Jobs – The Magic is Gone

Dave’s first Walk Time Rant.
The sad death of Steve Jobs at Apple, and how Dave got shafted on his new EEVblog office space at the 11th hour.

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  1. it would have been so funny at the end if he said “the moral is honour your commitments or you’ll have your house shown on to millions of viewers on youtube” as he turned up at the guys house – dog and exlax in hand saying “go on boy do a nice big shit”

    that’s crap about the office Dave I was looking forward to seeing it!

  2. Not driving any more? Why happened? Sagan using up all your petrol money or are you saving the environment? 🙂

    Still, doesn’t that mean that you can expand into the rest of the garage and so not need the office?

    What ever you say about Jobs he brought a lot of technology to people who wouldn’t have traditionally been interested, made it “sexy” in a way IBM, HP and all the rest couldn’t. And in so doing has made the rest of the industry pull up its socks and look at the aesthetic side of design, and usability of UI’s, both of which where worthwhile and much needed.

    BTW Great blog.. I’ve been going through all the old ones and enjoying them hugely. I can’t say I always agree with your opinion on everything, but its good to hear your views as a professional engineer.

    Here’s a thought for a future blog: from the perspective of a hobbyist wanting to get (cheaply) into CPLD/FPGA design, what dev kits/chip series would you recommend? There’s a bewildering array of them and with dev kits from £40-1000 I have no idea where to start and I don’t want to buy a dev kit for something thats immenently going to be obsolete like I did with GAL’s just before they disappeared from the face of the earth!!

  3. Let’s not forget that Microsoft also had a big part in saving Apple.

  4. Too bad about the office, Dave. I was looking forward to it after hearing you and Chris talk about it on the Amp Hour.

    Such is life, I guess. I think we engineers have thick skin when it comes to things not working out like this. Stay optimistic about the big picture, you’re still not old enough to become grumpy and cynical.

    • Also, I heard you talking about riding your bike to the office. This is one fellow cyclist encouraging a bike time rant for future episodes.

      • I thought about that when I test rode my bike to a potential new office yesterday. Apart from vibration maybe, the major problem is that the camera would be on the handle bars pointing upwards at a large angle, so people would just get mostly my head and the sky? I know people liked the scenery on my drive time rants, so you likely wouldn’t get that any more. Unless I had some rig that moved the camera up closer to head height.

        • GoPro Hero on the helmet (facing your face) maybe? Would work great with its wide angle. You’d have to find a solution for the audio, though.

          Also, a Hero for only that cause would be a bit too much maybe? But hey, it’s waterproof and might also fit your canyoning helmet!

  5. Love the walk-time rant format already!

  6. Speaking of product design I’ve learned so much from you throughout the lifetime of the blog, it’s crazy.

  7. The truth about Jobs and Apple… IMO. Apple ripped-off the free and open-source community and never gave anything back (MAC OS’s are essentially BSD, X and KDE). The hardware is grossly over-priced, Apple customers are being gouged, big-time.

    If you buy an iPhone you’re shackled to a ball-and-chain over-priced data-capped service contract that essentially hooks a vacuum cleaner to your wallet. You buy something on iTunes, but you really don’t own it. If you buy an iPhone, expect it to be obsolete in six months – by planning.

    The voice app that is essentially the only new thing about the iPhone4S was available on the Appstore for older iPhone devices. Now that app is gone and when you try to use it, a message comes fro the Apple server that essentially tells you to “upgrade” to an iPhone4S. Crooks.

    I got smart and dumped all my Apple products – and never looked back.

    P.S. Don’t forget this one:

    * The original line termination in Unix is a line-feed.

    * Bill Gates (the other scum-bag) made the DOS line termination line-feed plus carriage-return – just to be incompatible.

    * Jobs chose to make the MAC OS line termination just a carriage return – again just to be incompatible.

    • “Bill Gates (the other scum-bag) made the DOS line termination line-feed plus carriage-return – just to be incompatible.”

      Incompatible to what? Pre-DOS operating systems used CR+LF termination.

      According to the Wikipedia article on newline, the DOS line termination was adopted from CP/M.

      • @Jope

        I “may” stand corrected by your reply – in-that the Microsoft line termination was rooted in CP/M. However Microsoft over-time CHOSE not to allow line terminations in DOS or carried-over to Windows, which would compatible with the Unices. So I will default to your position that in the early years, Microsoft just adopted the CP/M line termination; with the qualification that Gates didn’t know any better.

        However – getting back to Apple; Apple’s choice to make line terminations different from the Unices or any of Microsoft’s OS’s came later (much-later), and IMO Apple did this by design.

        I stand by my premise – Apple is a nefarious entity.

        Thank you for your reply – David

      • and CP/M’s came from the very sensible DEC (digital equip corp) adoption. CR+LF = move to beginning of line + advance the the paper one line. Which is exactly the line termination required on a printing (or CRT terminal)

        CR = go to beginning of line
        LF = advance one line
        hence you need both.

  8. Correction: The DOS line termination carriage-return plus line-feed, not the other way ’round.

    And a couple more:

    Apple, in conjunction with greedy and corrupt lawyers were the pioneers in the business of abusing the already totally mis-managed and inefficient U.S. Patent and Trade Office. If you try to compete with Apple – they use their portfolio of frivolous patents to put you down. These people really are the lowest.

    Put an “i” in front of anything and Apple’s Goons will parachute in and try to bankrupt you – if not outright put you in jail.

  9. you got the right dave the magic is gone… 🙁
    don’t be sad for your new office fail dave… i’m sure you will find a better place… the place doesn’t matter dave because you will keep on doing the best electronics videos and tutorials that the internet ever seen… 🙂

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