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  1. Well, at least they’re still in stock this time. However, the checkout page says that there is a PayPal option; “Just hit the button.” No PayPal button though. I guess that you’ll probably sell them anyhow.

    Maybe you page doesn’t work with Safari. Amateur-ville.

    Dale B

    • It’s a standard installation of ZenCart, a very widely used shopping cart system.
      Any issues with Safari are out of my control I’m afraid, I don’t even have Safari to test.

  2. Great-managed to get one for work!

  3. Yeah, I am also happy I could hunt one down. 🙂

  4. Hello Dave,

    this uCurrent is a great idea. It’s remarkable that no one has published such a circuit before.

    Best regards,


  5. Looks to be sold out agian….

  6. Dave, you might consider working out a better photo of your product.
    I would suggest closing down the aperture to increase the depth of field so all silk screen labels are clearly visible. A different angle in shooting would also help to show it better.

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