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  1. No video?

  2. And Dave also struggles with the sleeve in trying to open the box, like every other unboxing out there!

    At least the tape fell to his mighty Victorinox!

  3. And that tiny hole that Dave think is reset (in teardown video) , it is actually microphone 🙂


  4. Video is available directly at Youtube:


  5. Dave – FYI – a USB port can be also a video out – there’s a spec called MHL (Mobile Highspeed Link) that uses a micro-USB compatible port as an HDMI output. It’s not directly HDMI compatible (I think it adds another 5 pins to the connector) as you need a transceiver chip to translate MHL to HDMI.

    Alas, though, the Nexus 7 lacks MHL output.

  6. Yes, it seems to lack this option. Bummer.

  7. Yeah, the device has dual microphones. Pays to read the manual :->

  8. Wanted one but w/ 16GB of memory. Everywhere online said back-ordered and Google Play itself said enter e-mail address to be advised when in stock. I never got any e-mail. On Friday (Aug 10) I saw Google Play indicated “in stock” so I placed an order. Arrived today, Wednesday (Aug 15). [Why this “made in China” product was shipped from Kentucky to me in the Los Angeles California area is a bit of a wonderment.]

    Overall impression: fantastic value. I have a Kendle DX that is OK for B&W stuff only; the wife has a Kendle Fire that is great for her (not too tech savy); and we both have different older Sony e-Readers that were never more than minimal toys.

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