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EEVblog #1334 – Mystery Dumpster Teardown

Mystery dumpster teardown time! With the most amazing mechanical mains power switch you’ll ever see! ...


  1. Hi Dave, nice video. One comment and one question:

    1. What presentation capture software are you using?

    2. When you do a simulation like this, please post the simulation files as a .zip archive for download with the video. For LTSpice, if you’re using any third party model files, just zip them up with the .asc schematic file. As long as the model files are in the same directory as the schematic file, LTSpice will find them.

    Thanks, David

  2. Hello Dave

    Why not do the preregulation with a self made flyback isolating converter ? would avoid one conversion in the chain and allow for a more efficient supply in low voltage mode, and would be much much cheaper.

    There are many cheap transformers for 500V isolation in the same housing as a SMD ferrite coil.

    Also, you could easily make a separate supply (or using the flyback transformer as a forward for the aux) for Vctrl of the LT3080, and reduce the dropout to 500mV

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