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EEVblog #1336 – DT71 LCR Tweezer Destructive Teardown + Lab Update

Destructive teardown o nthe Miniware DT71 LCR meter Tweezers Plus a lab move update. Forum: ...


  1. to me OSHW video was fime. make sense. could be nice if everyone would do as you say.
    after driving rant i went to check comments on OSHW.

    That guy from the replicator 3d printer. he is the doggies blod sucking sucker I’v ever saw.
    stealing project and outsourcing it to china not even hanging a single thing…
    seriously f… vulcher, hyena, gravedigger, i could go like this for hours…

    i really hate sonof.b who are stealing your ideas and make awesome business and taking all glory for them selves..

    it happend to me. i was allways happy to help, and i did invent few things. than somwhow i find somebody else names on the project. and once i found a patent on my project…

    I was thinking to make OSHW my self. but now i see that i will patent it. more money, but at least no one will be able to steal it…

    If you are nice, you are a looser, because there is allways an ashole which will take a dirt trail. 😉

    with all my hart i whish this guy all worst.

    • I was thinking to make OSHW my self. but now i see that i will patent it. more money, but at least no one will be able to steal it…

      A Patent does NOT stop someone stealing it. It just gives you the (very expensive, $1M+) right to sue them if they do.

    • Well, OSHW is not about making money. Anyone can take Linux and sell it, and many do. If you don’t want people making money off your work, you’re free to either keep it to yourself, or choose a non-commercial license for your stuff.

      You make the call. It’s your work, after all.

      Of course, one could argue that the OSHW work that the Makerbot guys built the replicator out of and sold (at apparently big profit) is the same thing, especially since Makerbot got $10M+ deal out of it.

      Of course, there’s always room for improvement – it would be nice if that replica fixed or addressed some of the Replicator flaws.

      As for Altzone, the question becomes of what is on-topic and what isn’t – I would argue if the drive time rant is, so is the agilent unboxing. Of course, I subscribe to altzone, but I don’t do RSS feeds (and few people do these days), so without calling attention to videos there, we remain blissfully unaware. Perhaps if you added links to the EEV Blog episodes page, it would help, otherwise most of us won’t see the content there (too much effort to check it specially). Perhaps as a column along the side of “New Altzone videos” or something.

  2. I was half expecting to see myself speeding past you on my way home when you got onto lane cove rd, it’s about the right time in the afternoon. 🙂

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