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EEVblog #1334 – Mystery Dumpster Teardown

Mystery dumpster teardown time! With the most amazing mechanical mains power switch you’ll ever see! ...


  1. Maybe it’s not a trash room but a storage room?.

  2. Everything Dave found will be on his Ebay account soon.

  3. I expect we will see Dave on a “Storage Wars” episode.

  4. 68cm TV but a 20 inch monitor? Is it just imperial for LCDs, and metric for tubes, or what?

  5. For anyone wondering – yes, the bigger companies do things like this – discarding perfectly good electronics.

    The reason? Support and warranty mostly. Computers are usually on a 3 year upgrade cycle – companies buy the computers and the extended warranty to cover them for 3 years or so. When it comes time to upgrade, those machines are swapped out for new ones. The old PCs are either then reused elsewhere as test PCs (if they die, no big deal) or donated/given away.

    Photocopiers and others likewise – though you usually can get support for longer periods of time – like 10 years or so. After that finding replacement parts and such when it breaks down can get hard (and these companies contract out the service) so it’s cheaper and easier to just get a new one that works and has parts available than try to keep the older ones running.

    And it’s usually a case where if the machine breaks down, the company can call the support line, and get it fixed within a couple of days versus having someone spend a few days trying to repair it, then having to figure out how to order replacement parts (sometimes off eBay), etc. They could use them until they break down and discard it, but then you’d have to buy a new one anyways (which can take a couple of weeks or more), so you either have a new one sitting around brand new waiting for the old one to die, or you just swap it out.

    For people on a budget, it’s a great way to get still-usable PCs and office equipment. Especially if you’re willing to put some work into it.

    • just plain planned obsolescence. the manufacturers make people and companies believe that it costs less to replace equipment often,most times this is wrong!

      >>For people on a budget, it’s a great way to get still-usable PCs and office equipment.

      absolutely true! for PCs and laptops, i buy only ~3 years old enterprise machines for 1/5th of the price. being quality HW, it doesnt break, and it’s fit for every task i want (no gaming)

  6. In Norway this is considered stealing, lol.

  7. When I was young, I was gathering a lot of these electronic garbage. You can find a lot of component for cheap, and it’s a real pleasure to desolder them.
    Now, with the higher integration (smaller and smaller smd), it becomes very hard.

    Anyway, in PSU, you can find very high quality component which can be reused without problems.

    It could be a good video blog idea to explain how to desolder component for re-use.

    • I still salvage what I can from things. Last night I parted out 4 rack mount UPS units. My wife does not share my enthusiasm but is a good sport about it.

  8. OH, I wish I can find a garbage room here like that!!! It would be my treasury BTW…

  9. Inspiring, I’ve delayed my computer upgrade for a while now so I might even be able to find something better than what I have.

    The system here is such though that you have to give (or pay) for certain monopoly companies your electronic stuff and they just crush it to pieces for shipping and then send to some far away country to separate the gold by burning the waste. I believe this is the way in most western countries.

    I love high-end CRT’s and I shudder to think how many of still working those have been sent to the crusher. I got my current one for ~$10 and try to make due with it until 24″ High DPI cheap oled or something better arrives.

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