EEVblog #417 – Fluke CNX3000 Wireless Multimeter Teardown

Inside Fluke’s new CNX3000 Wireless Multimeter.
Also, the CNX t3000 K-Type Thermocouple, CNX i300o iFlex probe, CNX v3000 wireless ac voltage meter, and CNX a3000 wireless ac clamp meter.

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  1. Dave: I think the structures around the screws are blast shielding to keep arcs away from the conductive screws.

    I think there’s a manufacturing error at 30:42.

    The LCD bezel which is supposed to be grounded by the retaining tabs, isn’t grounded because the tabs are bent to the wrong side.

  2. The connector at 8:20 looks like a micro sd card interface. Maybe it is some sort of SDIO interface.


  3. Hello from Everett, WA! The Fluke factory is just down the road from my house. Also, there’s a big airplane factory that I work for nearby, the name escapes me…

  4. Dave: Does the LTFLK label on the ASIC indicate that Fluke had made there custom analog IC in cooperation with Linear Technology? Do you have further info if this IC is used in all newer DMM from Fluke?

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