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EEVblog #1334 – Mystery Dumpster Teardown

Mystery dumpster teardown time! With the most amazing mechanical mains power switch you’ll ever see! ...


  1. Hi Dave,

    Possible use: slossing my pcb etch bath



  2. Dave, oh Dave, why didn’t you hit the backlight button (lowest right corner) on the Fluke 91? ? It has a wonderful whitish-blue illumination.


    I own one of these two channel wonders since ’98 and I love it!

  3. The motor looks like one phase shielded pole asynchronous motor, so no magnet is in the rotor, but maybe I am wrong 🙂

  4. @Roverider

    That is the first thing I though when Dave said it had magnets in it!

  5. Why oh why don’t you use a 240V to 240V isolation transformer when doing these teardowns. Obviuosly with now no reference to mains earth from either the active or neutral, a proper scope can be used with either the earth lead or test lead connected to any point in the circuit. This will also have the advantage of being safe for the operator (you) as unless both the active and neutral are touched at the same time ( on the output side of the isolation transformer) no voltage can be felt. If the power consumption of the test unit is too high to run through nominally a 200VA transformer, consider driving the test equipment (CRO etc ) through the transformer and directly connecting the tested circuit to mains power directly. This has been common practise for at least 30 years with “hot chassis Tv’s ” servicing.

  6. There’s some “australian made” isolation transformers in ebay com au .. MAINS ELECTROSTATIC SCREEN-300VA ISOLATION TRANSFORMER ISO300ES240V

    No idea if it’s a good price or not, probably you can get one used for third of that.

  7. Actually from those models it doesn’t seem to make sense to get the smallest one, the 600VISO300ES240V is just little more and weights only little more also, wonder why they make the smaller rated one at all.

  8. ideal for the beer with ice ! cool

  9. Seeing that board and big resistor got me thinking about a possible topic for a show – “Transformerless power supplies”. Thanks.

  10. That rod connected to the rocker table is there for a reason – the center spindle turns to do the rocking motion, but you need something to counter it otherwise all you get is a spinning table. Even if you put it on bearings and such, it’s an unopposed force. The little rod going down into the case applies that opposing force (and you can see the rocker arm it attaches to later in the video.

  11. dunno if anyone mentioned this yet, but you could use it as a clock. put a push button under the right corner and it could count up once per second

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