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EEVblog #1334 – Mystery Dumpster Teardown

Mystery dumpster teardown time! With the most amazing mechanical mains power switch you’ll ever see! ...


  1. Don’t worry your ESD mad is not as dirty as Mikes workbench top!

  2. It might not be as flash as the vendors make out given that the poster who sent it in for the mailbag advises it was salvaged from a car that got a little bit too friendly with a road barrier.

    Still, I guess we can’t expect technology to save us from everything 😛

  3. The SO8 marked 625033 is a TLE6250GV33, a CAN tranceiver from Infineon. The 1206 resistors are probably a part of the bus termination.

  4. Are these mounted inside the car behind the windshield?

    Seems like if was on the front of the car the lens would covered with dirt pretty quickly.

    Never looked into them.

    On my car “lane guidance” is me looking out the windshield and moving the steering wheel.

  5. Yes, vision systems like this one are almost always mounted near the rear-view mirror.
    The overview is just better and the windshield is cleaned by the wiper.

  6. The 1206 resistors together with the ceramic cap to GND is a common way to terminate (high speed) CAN busses. Since CAN usually uses differential signalling the common mode choke is also a dead giveaway.
    The resistors are probably this big to survive battery voltage applied to the bus.

  7. Man, tried to download this video. 15kbps max download speed; it would take hours – gave up. Other sites download at around 7-8Mbps. Time now 10:42 GMT on 17 March 2013.

  8. A picture on this page looks somewhat familiar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lane_departure_warning_system


  9. The electrolytic caps are no problem in customer automotive.

    As long as they are not on permanent 12V, 10 000 hours is more than the lifetime of the car.

    it’s in a hot zone, it’s installed behind the wind shield top,and the roof, everything is rated at least 105°C

  10. Hi Dave, You mentione ‘everyone’s going ARM’ any chances of an episode on ARM or an intro to using 32bit uC? broad topic I known but with cost if chips reducing its becomming viable for hobbiests. Maybe getting started with ARM, ie pros/cons, considerations vs. 8bit uC and the required IDE?

  11. Doesn’t go in the bumper … it is mounted on the upper middle of the windshield (inside).

  12. Dave, I’d love to know if there is any info on the actual camera used. Who actually manufactures the camera? In order to detect lanes these cameras have to work in a wide range of lighting conditions which can also change rapidly.

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