Make a living on Youtube (or die trying)

Here is my talk from the 10th Ignite Sydney conference.
Huge thanks to Hunting with Pixels for the filming and video editing.
I’ll probably do another text blog post on this in due course talking about what went into, and the not-so-polished rehearsal video!

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  1. Great presentation Dave. Must have been quite a change having a visible audience for once, but you nailed it!

    • Thanks.
      The 500 people was ok, the worst part was the blinding light from the stage lights as soon as I walked up. Wasn’t expecting that and it really threw me off at the start.
      Actually, the worst part was trying to come up with material that fitted the 20 slide/15 second format, it ain’t easy.

      • But you did it brilliantly.

        Loved how you highlighted what i personally find most annoying about a large portion of YT users and home-video makers. This to such a degree, that i simply refuse to sign up with YT, even though i like what you do.

        Fortunately, you give people like me the opportunity of subscribing to regular PayPal donations.

        And since we are here in the interwebs, i am obligated to mention cats (in multiple comments): I love cats, but i really find those cat videos and all this ‘kitty’ business so off-putting. I like cats as cats, as in solitary predatory animal. I don’t like them being twisted into anthrophomorphized cute quasi-toys.

  2. Thank you Dave I love watching your video’s

    you are a big inspiration for us all.

  3. Great talk Dave! My viewership on hackaweektv is snowballing as well. Love it! At this point it’s supplemental income but one day… well who knows! Keep up the great work and that wonderful sense of humor! Cheers!

  4. I LUV cats ! Gee Dave, what’s your problem ? :-). Cheers mate. p.s. Love your videos, keep up the good work.

  5. I love cats too!!! The taste awesome in soup.

  6. That was GREAT! If you do get beaten to death with a tea spoon you got 50,000 nerds and 50,000 Sagan fans to track down the rat bastard 😉

  7. Brilliant presentation Dave.

    Inspiring, no doubt.

  8. Dave,

    Great presentation! I’ve had my own vblog on hold while doing a rethink/reboot. Regarding your comment that “content is king,” I couldn’t agree more, but the other film/stage/video aphorism is “show, don’t tell.” You naturally fell into that mode and obviously have been very successful.
    For my own site I’ve had to rethink how to get to the “show” aspect with complex health/anatomy/physiology topics that didn’t seem to easily lend themselves to the vblog format (hard to get into the operating theatre as video blogger…). Frankly, my “talking head” was boring.
    The insight I’ve had, am working to implement, animation! Same as the Discovery and Science channels of the world. Mine won’t be as sophisticated, but hopefully will both entertain and impart useful information.

    Thanks for being a continued inspiration!


    • Science videos are popular!
      There are maybe half a dozen full time science youtube channels now, including one from Sydney.
      Huge market out there for that stuff, go for it!

  9. There are two types of people – those who like cats, and those that don’t know they like cats yet.

  10. I don’t understand where you say that you can’t encourage viewers to click on your ads. Isn’t that how YouTube makes their money?

  11. Pardon my analogy, but Dave is the Crocodile Dundee of electronics. The similarities are too obvious to ignore.

    Aussies hated him, they were ashamed of him, but we (and Austrians no doubt) loved him, his enthusiasm, his crazy passion.

    Go Dave.

    One day, you should visit Austrian’s electronic hackers and do a special show on them just for the hell of it !


    JFA in Montreal (Canada).

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