Podcast & Torrent File Problems

Just an update to let you know I am aware of the issues with the podcast file access and bitlove torrent feed.
Bitlove have investigated and responded.
Turns out that my web host Hostmonster have been blocking Bitlove for some time, that’s why they have been unable to get recent updates.
And just in the last few days Hostmonster have also disabled ALL of my domains hosted on my account there because one site had been hacked. That includes eevblog.org which hosts the podcast files, alternatezone.com, calcwatch and a host of other sites. So all the podcast video files are currently not accessible.
And to boot, Google has told me it is blocking certain forum threads because they link to images on calcwatch.com which has now been flagged as a malicious web site.
No, I can’t just move these files to my dedicated server, as that could very well kill the forum and main site performance if I’m streaming video from it to to thousands of people.
It’s all a great big mess and will take quite some time to sort out. It may require moving all these sites to another host.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    i hope you get it running very soon again.

    Maybe it would be an interim solution/workaround not to host the files on one server but on many clients (using btsync as described in the forum http://www.eevblog.com/forum/chat/eevblog-videos-btsync/ , very easy, immediate update of new files).

    In case someone wants to download the videos from episode 476 on, i will try to put them into the directory with the so called “secret” R7WUCQDCHJ25XLQCVHEVA4P7BPIQ7OIQT. Everybody will be free to use it (the more the faster ;-)). If nobody wants to use it, shame on me 😛

  2. Hope you get your problems resolved.

    FYI… even clicking around http://www.eevblog.com makes my virus software pop off about blocking malicious code.

    • Hi Jim,

      Can you please give a specific URL that is causing this, I need to know so I can track it down and remove it for Dave if the site has indeed become infected.

  3. Did by any chance you have something written with php on the hacked server? It’s not like there’s something completely hacking immune out there, but probabilities of getting hacked are higher with some technologies than others. PHP is like the “low hanging fruit”, unless it’s something really valuable, no hacker is going to bother targeting some more obscure technology. For maximum security through obscurity I’d take some obscure open source platform, convert the code to another language and run it on an obscure research-only operating system for which there are no tools around. If it’s not running anything of high value, who’s going to bother hacking that (besides academic hackers perhaps just to prove that security by obscurity doesn’t work, which isn’t the point when the assumption must be that you will get hacked, so you just want to lower the probability of that and have decent isolation of the system).

    • Security by obscurity… I cant believe you are actually recommending it, wow. Either this has to be a big joke, or you honestly believe this.

      PHP has nothing to do with being hackable… it is the open source packages that are being used, such as wordpress, etc, where the source code is available and can be analysed for exploits.

      Please do not EVER recommend anyone to obscure their system to protect it… it is a joke and in the real world it is just asking for trouble.

      Don’t get me wrong, I agree that it is a little bit harder to hack a product that the source code is not readily available for as the target has many more unknowns, but by no means is it the solution.

      I would rather run software that was well supported and had many developers/admins looking at it when problems arise so that more bugs are found and fixed… why do you think that the Linux kernel is so secure & stable compared with other closed source systems?

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