Sydney Maker Faire

Finally there will be a Sydney Maker Faire in November!
There will be a public meeting this coming Saturday 10th Aug at the Powerhouse Museum to talk about the in’s and out’s.
I’ll be there.

I’ll probably give a talk or something at the show too, got any ideas on the topic?

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  1. It seems like many of the people at these events are obsessed with arduino and raspberry pi. Maybe you could give a talk on other micro-controller options and applications. I really enjoyed your video on FPGAs, I don’t know if you would want to give the same talk over again, but it is a topic I think more people should know about.

    • +1 with FPGA thing, i have many magasine who praise the arduino and the raspberry pi, it gave power and ease to the mass but they seem to do always the same boring thing with premade code, i consider myself more a maker than a hacker, and i found with these platform it lack an essential understanding of the digital world. Yes FPGA is more complicated and can be a pain in the ass but you can make anything you want !

  2. I think an overview of the lab, and the kinds of instrumentation and tools needed for a small hobby to commercial prototype shop should be considered by “the young players”. Especially, as previously mentioned, more and more projects are built using xduinos and xFruitPie boards, or are created with SMD tech from scratch, as are my projects.

  3. Quick and dirty troubleshooting advice. Where to start when you see the magic smoke. Start with your senses Did you hear it pop, smell for smoke or hot components, check for a hot spot (but don’t burn your finger), use your nose. If you have a burnt board remove the charring, grind it out. Canned air inverted for freeze spray and how to use it. Got a fire extinguisher, are you wearing safety glasses? Done all this, then pull out the multimeter.

  4. How to use an Oscilloscope without the evil AUTO key???

    Seriously, an update version of you laboratory for beginners, would be a nice idea.

    Or new version of the Dilbert Sindrome in project (until today the best video I ever saw in this site, not technichal but so full of truths).

  5. Hey!

    Who is organizing the Maker Faire?
    Couldn’t find too much on the internet…
    Missed the meeting on the 10th….


  6. Hi All,

    In case you hadn’t received the latest details about the Maker Faire they are now up at the site:

    Look forward to seeing you there.



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