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  1. I like the new design negative feedback shirt. I hope you will add it to the store so I can get one.

  2. It’s a pity I can’t add all 3 in a single order with combined shipping 🙁

  3. If you took off the last t-shirt I’m sure your sales would go through the roof. Or perhaps crash through the floor, not sure which.

  4. just ordered the Flux gate condenser” one already got the negative feedback tee. The good thing about having to order them seperately is, that way they won’t exceed the customs limit in germany. Also shipping to Germany at least is more than reasonable. Only thing i don’t like about tee-spring is there doesn’t seem to be away to just browse through the campaigns or am i missing something?

  5. How do you order one of each?

  6. Dave, you messed up on the negitive feedback schematic, the inputs are backwards.

    Just kidding,


  7. Got the negative feedback one for my wife 🙂

    Chose to pay by PayPal and it showed the shipping was like $3.50 to Australia, however, the actual shipping was $10.50. So delivered it comes down to almost AUD30. Just hope Dave gets some money out of it.

  8. same thing…

    Shipping to Moscow – 10$

    i select pay via paypal
    it show 3$ for shipping. After payment it show 10$ for shipping.

    i agree 25$ its not so big price.. but why system lie to me?

    • Yeah, seems to be doing that to everyone now. No idea why.

      • The CC transaction for the Negative Feedback shirt finally hit my account. I’m in the US total was $18.85US. So $3.85 shipping.

        From other posts here about why orders cannot be combined it appears each shirt is made by a different company. Seems rather strange but have no direct knowledge.

        Looks like the campaign has gone well so Dave will be “rolling in dough” for a while.


  9. Same thing …

    Shipping on paypal 3.25$ turn out to be 7.50$ when i got the confirmation e-mail. I wanted to buy 3 shirt but stopped to one because of that, no combined shipping and 22.50$ total shipping for 3, i want to encourage you not the shipping companies.

    • Indeed don’t want to encourage Dave, not the shipping company. I wrote Teespring.com support a mail asking if it can be done at all. If they have a solution, I’ll share it here. Hopefully before the campaign closes.

      Anyways, keep up the good work Dave! Big thumbs up from NL!

      • Any word on the shipping yet? Same thing here – I have no desire to give the shipper more $$ if Dave doesn’t get a cut of it. Thanks!

      • Whoopsy just noticed a typo in my opening comment. Of course I *do* want to encourage Dave! I like the blog and the T-shirts.

        • Lol, and here I thought you just couldn’t make up your mind. “Keep up the good work Dave!” sure sounded like encouragement to me! 😀

  10. From the Teespring support:

    Unfortunately, we cannot combine shipping on orders from separate campaigns. This is because each campaign is sent to a different printer across the US to be created, then shipped directly from there. Your orders will not be coming from the same place. I’m extremely sorry for the inconvenience.

  11. my English is bad.. I see only.

    “Teespring support”… blablabla we get more money because we can.

    for me its not a problem pay additional 10$…

    why not show final price normally? or like

    Shipping is from 3 – 20$ for your country

    you agree?
    [yes] [no]

  12. Normally I don’t load eevblog home page and use a forum viewer and youtube or the list episode page.
    I still haven’t found what Dave’s comments “links below” are referring to.
    Well at least I now see the home page has the links above.
    Next time arround I’ll know where to look for the links to join the next crowd funding projects, before life decides to pull me the search.

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