EEVblog µRuler now available

Due to many requests I’ve finally made the µRuler available through a crowd funded campaign on Pozible:
So if you want a few of them, get in quick before the campaign ends.
If it makes the target, the rulers get made, otherwise, they don’t.

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  1. I noticed a possible error on the ruler. On the PCB clearance area, the >3km. Should it be >3kV?

  2. I hope you plan on delegating the packing to The Wife and Sagan, at the rate they are selling you wont get a change to do any ‘work’ for a couple of weeks.

  3. I don’t understand the “oz to um” conversion chart.
    It lists 2.5oz = 88um.
    Then 5oz = 178um.

    There is something wrong with the rounding. It is not being done consistently, I think. If 2.5oz = 88, then doubling the 2.5 to 5 can only result in an answer of 175, 176 or 177. I can’t see how it can ever be 178.

    88 could be some where betwee 87.5 and 88.499. This would cause a rounding to 88.
    doubling the 87.5 to 175 and doubling 88.499 results in 176.998. Therefore the value of 5 has to be between 175 and 177.

    Either the 88 or the 178 number is wrong.

    Same thing applies to other numbers on this chart.

    • I can’t recall how I did the calculation or rounding, it’s likely I just copied a table somewhere. But you are right, they should be exact multiples from some reference point.
      Not a huge error anyway.

  4. Björn Lindström

    Nice ruler! Hope you get those small bugs cleaned out before you hit re-order button. I just placed an order of 3 times 15AU$.

    BTW, haven’t seen the uCurrentmeter for awhile.
    Hopeing to get my hands on 2 or 3 of those.

    Keep up the good work!
    /Björn Lindström

  5. Since this is a PCB, I started thinking “what if”… What if you incorporated some useful circuit? For instance, a tester for 9V or coin cell batteries, since you can touch both terminals to the board. Or a level, using SMD accelerometers and LEDs. I’m just throwing out some ideas; you’re the expert!

  6. Looks like you’re kicking ass and chewing bubblegum on your target mate. Nice one.

  7. Perhaps a mod for next time would be to have a scale to make it easy to count the number of components on a strip of SMD tape.

    Although it varies, 0.4mm spacing is by far the most common. A major tick every 4mm (10’s), and a minor tick every 2mm (5’s) would be great.

  8. Oops, sorry about the above. Obviously I meant cm, not mm.

  9. Dave you should take a video or picture when you go to the post office to send all of the envelopes off 😀

  10. nice, those look cool :). and yes, i’ll participate in this :D. what next, coffee mugs? 🙂 no offence meant, these are great items 🙂

  11. ‘Your payment can’t be completed because one of the receivers can’t accept payments at this time.’

    I’ll try again later, but this is what I get after I authorize the payment from Paypal.

  12. I found the Pozible a really confusing “system”
    Enter pledge amount, then

    “Choose your reward”

    Now, I assume the reward is the rulers?

    The ordering of the “Pledge Amount” followed by the Choose your reward implies that you need to pledge first, then select.

    However, the buttons are “No Reward” or “A$ 10 + Reward” or “A$15 + reward”. In that case that hardly makes sense because those imply that I want to send “10 AUD + reward” to Dave. Rather, than what I assume is choosing to pay 10 AUD for the chance of a reward.

    And so finally the number at the top also has nothing to do with the last two options, so instead teh pledge should have been inline with option 1.

    Is it me or is the pozible system really arse-backwards? Unless it was designed as a combination of RPN and double-entry bookkeeping (Assets = Liability + Owners Equity)

  13. Aww man I really wanted one of these but I was out of town.

  14. damn I missed this completely, any chance these are going to end up in the store, considering how popular they are?

  15. damn. I’m much to late.
    Is there any way to get 2 or 3 of them? Yeah, get it into the store, please.

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