• EEVblog #515 – Battery Ionic Resistance Investigation

    Dave investigates the ionic electro-chemical resistance of some Alkaline batteries under light multimeter input loading and an unusual physical battery phenomena, and explains how it differs drastically from the datasheet internal resistance value. He also finds a surprising result showing two types of Alkaline battery construction with different properties.
    It demonstrates the usefulness of a high resolution bench multimeter.

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      • I Just Watch that Video its Really an Amazing …lots of knowledge i get for Battery Ionic Resistance…thanks Author For Sharing

      • smilr

        I would be curious to see what the internal layout of these 9v batteries looks like. If we were to open up the Duracell/Energizer ones, do they actually differ in construction from the Varta / Coles units? Or would the different squeeze-response be more from a difference in cell chemistry?

        If we were to take one of the Cells out of the Varta and squeeze it alone, would we still see a voltage spike?

        Any possibility this is from a peizo-electric effect?

        • ThereBeDragons

          Agree. I recall there are at least two types of internal cell arrangements; a stack of disks and a bundle of AAAA cells.

          Can you do a Tear Down of the batteries tested.

      • geostep


        It would be interesting to measure the voltage response while under constant pressure. Use a vise and see how the voltage changes with various pressures applied. Then, once done, give it a pressure torture test. 😉

        – George

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