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  1. If you didn’t want anyone to comment on video, why didn’t you just delete the link from the page?

  2. Hey Dave,

    a few videos ago, you said that you have been in Luebeck Germany. How do you liked it and what was the reason?

    greetings from Luebeck/Germany

  3. Hi Mr. Jones,

    Can you please do a tutorial Video on Mixed Signal (i.e. Analog & Digital) PCB Designing, like Component Placements, Partitioning, Separating Analog Ground from Digital Ground, Joining Analog & Digital Planes or isolating them etc.

  4. Can you please do a video on how to follow instructions?


  5. Hi Dave

    Did you consider crowd “brain + EE skills sourcing” to bring your projects to life, specially power supply and the multimeter.
    Best regards


  6. Hi Dave,

    how do you manage ESD during teardowns/repairs? When do you wear the wristband, when not?


  7. Dave,

    What do you think is the easiest method for printing double sided PCB as hobbyist? Particularly what about the process of toner transfer and the best paper to achieve nice results. Thanks!!

  8. Ionel Boiu (Engineer)

    I have a laptop where the CMOS battery died. They were two NiCd penny size batteries. Can I replace them with two NIMH larger size?
    Or with a 3 V Lithium without burning the built-in charger of the laptop?
    Or they should be two NICd even with larger size?

  9. Dave, you quite often reccommend the sub $100 Hakko soldering station, yet these are always the 110/120V 60HZ US version.

    Could you please detail how you use these stations safely in Aus? The 240V 50hz version are always $200+.

    Kind regards,


  10. Hello,
    First, your video are really great.
    Could you do a video on how to repair a PC motherbord who have for example, power problem.

  11. Hi,

    how to do in production programming (higher volume)? Is a nailbed still state of the art and what needs to be considered?


  12. Hello, Dave,

    Will there be more LTspice tutorials? What about fundamentals fridays?

    You have mentioned that beginners content is not very popular here. Why is that?


    • Probably because the majority of people watch me for entertainment/infotainment, not serious learning tutorials. Any tutorial is only going to appeal to those who are in the particular position of needing that tutorial at their point in learning electronics. It’s always going to be a smaller market.

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