EEVblog #559 – Auction Score

Dave shows off his loot from a recent auction.
Tektronix TDS3054 500MHz 4 channel oscilloscopes, TDS220’s, DMM916 multimeters, Simpson 260 analog multimeters, and an 1960’s AVO transistor tester.
Microchip TC8129
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  1. Now a giveaway for students in electronics?

  2. That is hard to see. In Germany you will pay for this Stuff propably a few ten thousands of €…
    I have bought my Hameg 205-1 for 120€ 2 Years ago.

    This stuff is really expensive here.

  3. I’ve never seen this type of sale in the UK,If only I’d have some TEKTRONIX equipment as they are without doubt my favourite makers

  4. Why this video is unlisted on youtube ???

  5. Check ebay for TDS3054 and there are alot of sellers from australia selling these right now, some in 10x lots! Are the army trashing all their inventory? 😉

  6. TDS3054 should get a priority teardown 🙂

  7. didn’t the average mode fool your BNC test ?

    lol : “a lot of people would kill for a scope like this”. Yeah, the purpose of the military is to kill people, so you better give them new scopes in replacement of their very obsolete ones :))

    • Interesting to see that it isn’t just the US military that loves pissing money away by junking/surplussing perfectly serviceable gear.

      What type of military installation were these things suplussed out of? A central R&D lab or a depot level maintainence outfit? Cant imagine who else would need such a high end scope…

  8. Dave, Do you want sale the Tektronix?

  9. Dave,

    Most people don’t realize it, but the TDS3000 series scope actually uses a true 9-Bit ADC (instead of an 8-Bit ADC like all the rest). The added resolution comes in handy and when using the FFT function gives an additional 6dB of dynamic range. However, Tek seems to have abandoned the higher bit resolution in subsequent scopes and focused instead on bandwidth as the banner specification. It wasn’t until LeCroy recently introduced their High Definition Scopes that higher bit resolution became a focus of o-scope specifications and now others are only just beginning to following suit. Of course in fairness some of the USB scopes manufactures have offered high-bit resolution (often at the expense of reduced BW) for some time but this has been sorely absent in the bench scopes from the big 3 T&M scope manufactures.

  10. That ain’t right you making off with all those goodies it just ain’t right bet your happier than a bug in a rug. Enjoyed the video especially the last that electronic stuff is just like a drug enjoyed watching you get a high on that transistor tester.

  11. Dave:

    At 26:49 you said that there is something wrong with channel 3 of the scope.

    In the video, you can clearly see a lot of noise on channel 3.

    But a good look at the display reveals that channel 1, 2 and 4 are on 50 mv/div, but channel 3 is at 1 mv/div, which probably caused the noise.

  12. Why on earth do you need all these scopes and multimeters?
    Yes, it’s handy to have lying around, but you got a ton of these already!
    Much want more?

  13. I would love student giveaway for some of that stuff 🙂

    Thx for inspiration!

  14. Hi
    i can’t forget when i was young, drooling at Philips PM3232 2x10Mhz thousands of times at the shop window, one day i would buy one.
    Later i could buy a TDS220, a big step up.
    It maybe obsolete now. but if you are young and starting like i did, it’s a awesome thing of beauty.

  15. You really had some fun sniffing that Transistor tester didn’t you ?

  16. Dave, can you do a video how to fix loose BNCs?

  17. A lot of these “obsolete” equipment is simply equipment without a warranty.

    Basically, they buy dozens of them, get some long term service plan and when it expires, it’s marked as obsolete – either because they can’t renew the service contract or the original one is gone.

    Lots of places where equipment needs to be depended on do this – if it fails, it’s replaced with a spare and sent for repair. The military obviously probably does this – while it’s not like frontline soldiers are using scopes and meters, the back end logistics, test and repair are, and they are probably used to keep front line equipment running.

    Better to just toss it when there’s no more service plan or warranty than to go out in the field fixing some circuit board on a fighter jet only to find the equipment’s the problem.

  18. Where is this place? Can tell us the address please..

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