EEVblog #576 – Advantest R6142 Current Voltage Generator

A quick look at Dave’s Advantest R6142 Voltage and Current Source.
Can it be used as a current reference for the uCurrent?
A look at the stability with temperature and time, and absolute calibration of the unit.
Is it an ebay score, or ebay junk?
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  1. Took me a few minutes to realize what an “air con” actually was. We call them air conditioner or AC up here in the States. Also we don’t use them in February!

    And of course we want to see a teardown. (People say no to that?)

  2. It is in remarkable condition for its age. It would be interested to see what its accuracy is across its published full operating temperature range. I wonder what the Centronics printer interface is for.

    Footnote: Here in the Melbourne years ago car airconditioning was also called “airco”. Youngsters tend to use the term “aircon” these days.

  3. David,
    I’d love to see teardown.

    What more, I’d like to see more theoretical analysis of how those accurate voltage/current works, if there are some specific circuit “tricks” to achieve such as stability and accuracy.
    I believe I’m not the only one who has some eletronic background, but never got further than to some basic current/voltage references, not to mention those were not programmable.

  4. Dave,
    If the current/voltage offset is fairly enough constant, could it be not compensated inside with a few more circuitry?

  5. Carlos A H da Silva

    I was very happy to see this vídeo and to know that advantest is a good manufacturer.

    I score two advantest R6552 digital multimeters for my home lab (5.5 digits), for a very resonable price.

    I am very happy to purchase then. Considering I only had a FLUKE 83 III and a chinese FLUKE 17B, so they were quite na addition for my home lab.

    Now I need to get a good function generator and a precision power supply like your rigol, to Exchange my chinese crap ones.

    I also have two analog scopes (100MHz Tektronics 2230 and 20 MHz Goldstar Os-9020g), a digital 100MHz Atten ADS1102CAL (not the best, but hey i finally get a digital scope 😉 )

    I also have some other stuff like a Hakko soldring station and chinese SMD/soldering station Ya Xun 702.

    So the lab is growing steadly

  6. Well it depends whether it maintains its accuracy at different temperature levels.

  7. Excellent article. I definitely love this website. Keep writing!

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