EEVblog #579 – Precision Low Current Source

Part 3 in the Precision Current Source series.
Dave breadboards a classic precision low current source circuit using the 10V REF102 voltage reference to generate accurate 1mA and 1uA currents.
Also some talk about the errors in a typical precision circuit like this.
Part 2 HERE
Part 1 HERE
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  1. Do love the high resolution version. Amazingly clear. So when can we expect you to get a 3D camera, so it can feel like we’re in the lab with you?

  2. Hello
    Here I have a suggestion.
    Replaces the LMC6001 amp.op
    Input current 25fA
    I’m sorry for my limeted English
    Saludos javier

  3. camera do iphone 5 s parou de funcionar

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