EEVblog #581 – How To Do Kickstarter Surveys & Project Management

Dave takes you behind the scenes on his Kickstarter campaign to show how easy it is to use the dreaded “Survey” feature to get backers address details.
Also an insight into the project stats available and database CSV export functions.
This is a video for those curious to know how Kickstarter works from the point of view of a project creator.
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  1. Dave…you revealed a bunch of backers at 5:47 and 6:11 when you scrolled down. This isn’t the first time either. Best be more careful with private information.

  2. Kickstarter can’t pay immediately because they don’t charge your card until the campaign is over. So the money can’t go into your account because Kickstarter hasn’t taken it from anyone yet. This is better than other sites that charge immediately (looking at you Indiegogo) which refund the money if it doesn’t succeed. For Kickstarter, if it fails, nothing gets charged. For others, they refund you, and forex fees make sure you can lose easily 10% or more.

    Oops, just before 6:00 you scroll the list, which exposes backers because the bar doesn’t expand.

    It looks like if you add a field you don’t want, you can uncheck it so it doesn’t show up. Probably the best way if you accidentally create fields that you don’t need.

    As for single survey – well, Kickstarter reminds people that the survey needs filling in, and the need to send more than one is very limited – last minute is usually good enough (even if you have multiple surveys, are you going to ask for their mailing addresses twice? That’s annoying). Also cuts down on people who send out survey after survey after survey gathering information for who knows what purposes. For optional surveys, well, there are plenty of free survey sites that do the same thing, but optionally – a KS survey is mandatory, and one mandatory survey is plenty. If you want to ask other questions, there are plenty of other sites that let you do that.

  3. Are you allowed to ask for their email address as another question in the survey? If so, you can then communicate later easily with your backers outside of kick starter, for additional surveys.

  4. What label software do you use?

  5. I’ve seen people use TextPipe and WinAutomation to do extract/modify mailing lists from excel files and the like..

    I suppose the time to learning a 3rd party tool only makes sense if you’ll be doing more in the future!

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