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  1. Why can’t you do the other negative feedback inverting version of the schematics?

  2. Man I’ve been waiting for this for a while, but after those anti-american comments – well, I’m torn.

  3. +2 Ordered, Thank you! 🙂
    Maybe time for a coffe mug now ?

  4. Dave how about a positive feedback tee with approprate change to the schematic. To ware according to a persons feelings on the day?

  5. Good timing. I had accidentaly washed my black one in HOT! water and HOT! rinse.. It could now fit my 10 year old nephew! hahahahaha..

  6. I find the orange almost invisible on the grey. Pointless.

    I’ll wait for the next batch of this design on a black background, or with a different circuit color (black?) so that we can see it on the light background.


    Because I don’t want to walk around with people reading only the message, not understanding the context, missing the circuit. Goal is to be funny and pique curiosity, not to be socially ostracised. 🙂

    Why oh why didn’t he make them in black ?

  7. Dave. It’s not because you are tired of one thing that your thousands of readers are too. 😉 What may feel old stuff for you might feel like a novelty for your noobs (like me).


    JFA in Montreal

  8. Agreed that the circuit color appears to blend in too much atleast in that photo. Perhaps a tweaked color or some sort of outline would have helped and make the text also bit stronger contrast.

  9. Woo just bought one after missing so many previous opportunities. Don’t mind it being ash grey, just glad I finally got one 😀

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