• EEVblog #597 – Fluke 114 Kit Multimeter + Sparkfun/Fluke Rant

    Fluke 114/117 Kit Multimeter for hackers, makers, and hobbyists.
    Tweet @FlukeCorp if you want to get on the list for one:
    Use the hashtag #FlukeKit
    Or ask on their Facebook page

    Dave comments on the Sparkfun/Fluke multimeter customs trademark/trade dress fiasco, and shows off the new low cost Fluke 114/117 Kit Multimeter about to be released.

    The Sparkfun blog post
    Flukes Trade Commission Exclusion Order
    GIVEAWAY: I’ll be giving this multimeter away to the most needy – but only if you bothered to read this video description!
    So if you want it, leave a comment saying why you should have it.

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      • JFA in Montreal

        OK, April’s Fool, but what about the yellow rubber thingie copyright?

        Is that true?

        Apple DID patent rounded corners. The patent system is completely corrupt. I was looking at patents from an electronic company, patent trolls, they patented 800 things in two years, and have about 8000 patents in total. Total bull !

        I piss on such patent trolls.
        If that is true, I’ll repaint my fluke shit-brown !

        This topic is a sure way to get me going… ARRRGGHHHHHH!

        • elgonzo

          Trademark != Patent != Copyright

          • JFA in Montreal

            elgonzo wrote, on April 3rd, 2014 at 00:23

            > Trademark != Patent != Copyright

            Doesn’t matter, all is a form of rent-seeking, obtaining a “permit to sue” which is a huge crush on a lot of innovation, merely from the menace of legal harassment, which you have to defend yourself from, else you get guilty-by-default. Defence is typically never under half a hundred grands.

            I *hate* the present incarnation of the legal system.

            The patent system used to be based on true innovation, something that was not obvious to someone in the trade…. But nowadays, it’s a bonanza for lawyers, and corporation who have the means to hire them.

            As I said, don’t get me started… 🙂

      • Pierre Lavoie

        I need a new multimeter because I think I will lose my hand if I have to continue to test live voltage with my finger !

      • MuraKan320

        You are all a bunch of pussies.
        If your respective contries can’t come up with
        a respectable DMM at an affordable price
        well who’s fault is it?

        Hey, I live in the USA, and Fluke is too expensive for me!

        So my challenge is this: come up with
        a 4 1/2 DMM that is open source and is NIST
        traceable for a 100USD!

        If you can pull it off. You will be God!

      • Paul S

        A great follow-up to the µCurrent project would be something in the 1-100A range. It would “add back” the missing current measuring feature to this model of meter (and other such DMMs)

        Come to think of it, I *never* use the current measurement on my old Fluke because I’m (a) afraid to use it on unknown currents, and (b) it’s only got a 10A range on it and a lot of the interesting currents are at least 15A. For example, I wanted to measure the current draw on an 18v lithium ion powered circular saw, but I couldn’t be sure it wouldn’t be over 10A.

        I’d *much* rather a separate unit to measure currents. Currently, I use a clamp meter and built a little box that breaks out one side to a heavy gauge copper rod covered in some PEX tubing. Accuracy with the clamp meter is pretty poor, however.

        Unfortunately, there’s no cool greek symbols for ‘deca’ or ‘hecto’ 🙂

      • That had me fooled for a bit. I was thinking how could they possibly sell it cheaper since the return rate would be crazy since lots of people would damage something during assembly. Support phone calls would also suck since they would have to help people solder over the phone.

      • In the US, Harbor Freight gives away a free DMM every two months or so. (Nope, not April Fools)

        Yes, poor quality DMMs, but they only need to last two months before you get another free one. Is this a natural extension of the old Radio Shack Battery of the Month club?

        • MikeW

          I got one of these. Worst multimeter ever. Put it on AC voltage and it couldn’t even measure the mains. It literally sells for like 3 dollars.

        • I loved the battery of the month club! Got a 9V every time.

      • I’ll do a test if it is good enough for amateurs and students (target segment) and publish it on youtube.

        My test could include but not limited to assembly process (second opinion), drop test, OL test, etc

        second thought…
        Probably it will be destroyed or damaged.

      • Pim

        I loved the video on the diy Fluke. I recently had to do some measurements on a flaky Raspberry Pi and it took me ages to find out that the power supply used was making the thing unstable as my current multimeter doesn’t have true RMS measurements. When I deliver courses, I like to make people enthusiastic about small Linux based servers like the Pi (and plug computers) and proudly show them the small power footprint.
        So I am sure there are loads of other people who would love to get their hands on the “do it yourself Fluke”.. I am one of them. 😉
        Thanks anyways for the great video!

      • Gary

        My son and I have started exploring the world of Audrino, Raspberry Pi’s and Galieo’s. We are having great fun but our current meter is not so great. We would love to have a Fluke and true RMS.

        And thanks for your blog, always entertaining and one of the main reasons are interest in electronics has been piqued. 🙂

        • Gary

          should be “one of the main reason our interest in electronics…”

          sigh, can’t believe I did that……

      • sam

        I would love to get the multimeter because I don’t have one.

      • Cassio

        Once again thanks for the great work!

        Why I would like to have it? You know those most crapy Chinese multimeters, we’ll… I own one 🙁 It gives me so much trouble and headache. Continuity test sounds more like a morse code veteran keying down the transmitter… I can almost hear the words…

        Beside I love yellowish/bluish equipment… Trademark infringement free 🙂 🙂



      • Remi

        I would really like a new multimeter, because the multimeter I have is a $10 Canadian Tire that I had to open because the bearings inside got out of their sockets in the range switch. Even worst, it doesn’t have a continuity mode, it’s painful to debug a circuit with it!

        Thank you for your videos,

        Remi, student in electronics engineering

      • Boris

        April 1st joke?
        Great one, Dave! Thumbs up!

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