New EEVblog Lab VDSL2 Internet Connection

Dave tests out his newly installed 8M/8M symmetrical VDSL2 internet connection in the EEVblog lab.
Building Connect
And for those that don’t believe that Telstra charge $8000/month for 10M/10M business Ethernet connection, here you go.
Planet Telecommunications VC-230N Ethernet over VDSL2 router

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  1. Who votes that Dave should hook the FLIR camera up to the Internet and then we can see a thirmo color image of his lab along with the heat leakage?

  2. Holy crap that SNR looks amazing. Wondering what kind of service those business class ethernet packages provide. As the speed doesn’t give more than the consumer class, the higher price must go for service, hum?

    • Well, it’s only going a very short distance to the gear down in the basement, so you’d expect extremely good SNR I presume?
      The higher price is because this is Australia!
      And my price is ridiculously cheap for business internet in Australia.

  3. Hi Dave

    Come to the Netherlands 120 Mb/ 10 Mb for 50 euro’s a month.

  4. Hello Dave

    In Romania we have 50 Mbps/50Mbps for less than 10usd and 1Gbps/1Gbps for less than 20 usd. And it works at that speed.

  5. Dave, please install an adblocker. please.

  6. $1400 for fibre in Australia!? That’s expensive. Over in Singapore we have 1Gbps fibre broadband for way way cheaper.

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