• EEVblog #635 – FPGA’s Vs Microcontrollers

    How easy are FPGA’s to hook up and use use compared to traditional microcontrollers?

    A brief explanation of why FPGA are a lot more complicated to setup and get working that microcontrollers.
    A short video linking to several other FGPA videos.
    NOTE: This is very old footage that was meant to be part of a series of videos on trying out some FPGA demo boards. It’s been sitting around for too long, so I’m uploading all the footage I have now.

    What is an FPGA
    FPGA Implementation Tutorial
    What is JTAG
    FPGA Demo Boards

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      • One could argue that a Microcontroller is in essence an FPGA….Well ASIC then….the fundamental logic cant be changed though…if I was to consider FPGA it was because i needed extreem fast DSP….and then if the only hardware that could solve my problem was FPGA…so be it….But if there is jest a one procent chance that microcontrollers could do the job i would stick to those 😛

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