• EEVblog #646 – Gravity Detection Using A Frequency Counter!

    Did you know you can use your frequency counter to detect gravity? You’ve likely done it before and you didn’t even know it!
    Dave demonstrates the phenomenon of 2g-tipover on quartz crystal oscillators in an Agilent 53131A frequency counter.
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      • hdavis

        For a minute there I thought you were going to be measuring gravitational time dilation! Really interesting. I learned something today. Although I wonder how many people will wonder if electronics calibrated in the Northern hemisphere have to be used upside down in Australia 🙂

        • Ivan Berton

          That would be awesome if we can measure grav. time dilation like this. But the time change in function of height is too small to detect it whit this setup,
          time runs faster the higher you go about 1E-16 seconds/meter, linearized near ground.

        • A few people have asked that, and it’s a legitimate question.
          The answer of course is that the initial calibration direction vector remains the same (toward center of earth) regardless of where on the planet you move it.
          Height will matter of course, just a really tiny bit.

          • Ivan Berton

            Hi Dave
            I guess hdavis meant this not as a question,but it is interesting that people ask this in a serious way. Maybe 20 years ago I had asked the same. I`m still cleaning up my basement and look what I can send you for a nice teardown.

            PS:I have a dream……..that one day………Dave Jones cleans up the mess in his lab 😉

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