• EEVblog #650 – Canon HF G30 / XA20 / XA25 Camcorder Review

    Dave reviews the Canon HF G10 Camcorder and compares it with his HF G10 for his blogging purposes.
    This is practically an identical video camera to the XA20 and X25 models.
    Extended video is HERE
    Forum HERE

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      • RS

        Should have just bought a C100. Who cares about the 3x price increase (not including lenses)! =D

      • hdavis

        You didn’t take it apart 🙁

        So with the two cameras attached, can we look forward to 3D videos soon?

        • Seth Tucker

          High end cameras are some of the most complex consumer electronics in terms of construction. Very easy to break. A tear down of an older DSLR would be really interesting though.

          • hdavis

            I don’t blame him for not taking it apart. It would be way too easy to have a lens slightly out of alignment or just have a little speck of dust find its way in and we’d be seeing it on every video. We’ll wait when in a few years he gets a 4K camera and declares the G30 is a piece of junk.

      • tlhIngan

        Few things.

        1) Did the battery really change, or is it that Canon simply is checking for authorized batteries now? I.e., if you have an official battery it works on both? Or do you require special batteries just for the G30? After all, you just showed us using a third party battery. (Most manufacturers are REALLY weary of allowing third party batteries these days after 99% of them are cheap exploding types made in China. And finding the 1% quality ones is hard. Oh, and never mind the fact that a lot of “Canon” batteries are counterfeit. Yes, they have all the branding, but are cheap exploding types because some Chinese factory is good at counterfeiting).

        2) The review/delete last chip is more of a consumer feature than a pro feature. Pro people actually record everything and edit in post (including cutting and deleting recordings). They also follow scripts and thus have little use for in-camera review of the clip (they should know what they’re shooting).

        3) The dual recording – the lower res recording is for reviewing “dailies” – after a day of shooting, you use the low res videos for your preliminary edits and cuts as it’s faster to process. You then load up the cutlist against the high res version and let it process offline.

        Pro camera – pro features geared towards the moviemaker and director rather than the consumer, after all.

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