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    EEVblog #1054 – How an Analog PC Joystick Works

    How does a PC read an old school analog joystick? It might be more interesting ...

    • Ivan Berton

      21:44 No lightning can harm you now, you`re weatherproof.

    • Mike Willegal

      I was amazed to see the 82S129 with a date code of 1997 in the coin mechanism. It is a 256×4 bit bipolar prom design dating back to the early 70s. It most likely is used as the brains of a hardware state machine in the coin mech. Most HW designers by the mid 80s would be using a PAL or GAL for such a purpose. Woz used a pair of these type of PROMs to hold the Apple 1’s 256 byte system monitor in 1976.

    • tlhIngan

      Big knife? Only in Oz. In the US, it’ll be a gun.

    • DavidZH

      Did something happen with the encoding? Usually when I watch this in 1080p, I don’t get all woozy from the fuzzyness. Especially on the shots of Dave opening the packages.

    • Workshopshed

      I did an interview at Eurotherm for an apprenticship when I was 17. I remember they provided us spagetti and veal escalope for dinner and the technical interview included a discussion about using an Op Amp as an integrator.

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