• EEVblog #661 – Mailbag

    Mailbag Monday
    Negative Feedback T-Shirts
    NOTE: Black shirt coming shortly, bug in Teespring site…
    555 Timer T-Shirt
    Warranty VOID T-Shirt

    Spoliers & Links:
    Programmable Constant Current Dummy Load
    Geppetto Electronics
    SMD Prototype Board
    The RoBoard Robot Development Board
    LED Strip Driver Board

    Madworm projects on Tindie
    Conrad Retro Radio Kits
    Evoke Flow WIFi Radio OLED Display Repair
    MiniDSO Pocket Oscilloscope (a.k.a Seed Studio DSO Quad)
    Pi Power Raspberry Pit power adapter
    L293D H-Bridge Motor driver chip

    MCP1804 LDO
    Silicate rock used in solar cell manufacture

    Forum HERE

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