EEVblog #665 – Polar Wearlink Heart Rate Transmitter Teardown

Teardown Tuesday.
Inside a Polar Wearlink chest strap fitness heart rate monitor monitor transmitter.
Also a look at and some attempted decoding of the signal with the Tektronix MDO3000 oscilloscope.

Polar RMCM-01 Receiver Module Datasheet
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    • wetelectrica

      Is the coil wrapped around a ferrite rod or is the former made of some other material? I think the 32 peaks corresponds with the carrier frequency itself, the carrier isn’t encoded, its just a carrier.

    • Joe Sacher

      YouTube Thumbnail Image Caption:

      “Dave commits seppuku with multimeter probe.” 🙂

    • Zubair Ali

      can anyone help by guiding me in designing a similar product . i mean the ICs and the adjoining circuitry.
      please mail me on [email protected]

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