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    EEVblog #1056 – Digilent Open Scope MZ Review

    Dave looks at the Digilent Open Scope MZ Review, an $89 open source oscilloscope, logic ...

    • John Senchak

      Winner winner, Chicken dinner

    • David Wei

      Space heater. Old Xeon isn’t very powerful compared to today’s low power processors…

    • Small one, an adequate linux server I think. Better than most of the servers I’m running in my garage. Large one? Probably a good windows server still. I’d still throw linux on it. 🙂

    • Matt

      One of the key things with the heatsinks is they are designed with little regard for cost as well. Most consumer heat sinks are fairly cheap, either extruded aluminium or some other easy to manufacture option. If you look at the heatsinks in these, there are stacks of fins closely bunched together, which when coupled with the ductwork, pull away an incredible amount of heat. This along with the copper heat pipes allow for a very efficient design.

      As for what to do with them, probably not much. You’d get a bit for them off eBay, but anywhere you want to record video they will be a bit too noisy. Having said that, they still are beautifully designed machines.

    • tlhIngan

      You may feel it’s “throwing away $500” but in the end, it’s probably not worth their effort to do so. $500 is nothing – easily a day or two’s work for an IT person who’ll then have to list it, sell it, pack it, accept payment, etc., Then handle returns and other issues that may crop up. And they probably have far better things to do.

      And there’s no guarantees – perhaps it only brings them $100 in the end, really not worth their effort. So they dump it. Someone with more time than money can come around and make a decent sale on it.

      Though to scrap it after 2 years is sort of interesting as the main reason it’s scrapped is because support ran out – companies often pay $$$ for server support and those can last for 5 years after the system is made, so if it does fail, they call up HP and it’s working again in a couple of hours. The fact these were scrapped would mean either HP abandoned them and refused to sell them support, or they forgot. And yes, companies do get rid of functioning equipment the instant the support on it runs out.

    • Vasile Guta Ciucur

      Dave, keep it for your lab assistant. A dual boot Windows/Linux with all the required tools for PCB and software development. You can attach also a little CNC Router for PCB prototyping. Something like here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4Ypo_4zHvo

    • Karol Piotrowski

      To be honest it’s just an collection of off-the-shelf parts with consumer-grade case built in China with HP logo thrown in. In this segment you don’t really pay for hardware, but for support. It’s not like it’s “high quality” hardware, it’s just that they will send you a technician to swap the box/processor/PSU/whatever in few hours without any questions asked and no one has to bother with waiting 2 weeks for warranty repair.

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