• EEVblog #708 – Free Energy BULLSHIT!

    Are the laws of physics being bent?
    Dave explains why free energy / over unity / quantum vacuum circuits are bullshit. And how to find out what’s really happening here by using basic engineering principles.
    Can a bunch of toroids, some wire, and a simple circuit boost converter really generate more power than you put in and power 23 LED’s for 52 hours?
    He goes through the claims and debunks them one-by-one.
    Explains how the circuit works and then builds up the circuit and takes some measurements to show that the energy can easily come from the battery and not some quantum vacuum.
    This is as much a demonstration of basic ballpark system engineering, calculations, and understand, as it is debunking.

    The video in question is HERE
    Original forum thread with author comments is HERE

    New forum thread HERE

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