• EEVblog #708 – Free Energy BULLSHIT!

    Are the laws of physics being bent?
    Dave explains why free energy / over unity / quantum vacuum circuits are bullshit. And how to find out what’s really happening here by using basic engineering principles.
    Can a bunch of toroids, some wire, and a simple circuit boost converter really generate more power than you put in and power 23 LED’s for 52 hours?
    He goes through the claims and debunks them one-by-one.
    Explains how the circuit works and then builds up the circuit and takes some measurements to show that the energy can easily come from the battery and not some quantum vacuum.
    This is as much a demonstration of basic ballpark system engineering, calculations, and understand, as it is debunking.

    The video in question is HERE
    Original forum thread with author comments is HERE

    New forum thread HERE

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      • spiros

        Where I can buy the shirt?

      • Jared Elliott

        Thank you. I throughly enjoyed the title!

      • PrairieSteve

        thanks Dave! Another lively, heart-felt presentation on the importance of understanding fundamentals as well as how to read a darned datasheet! The internet has allowed a lot of folks to learn a bit about electronics, but some of these folks have reached the point of knowing enough to be dangerous.

        Perhaps this would be a good excuse for some more Fundamentals Fridays episodes?? Perhaps a review of some less typical switched converter configurations such as this one, or cover the issue of oscillator design?

        • Thanks, will see about more FF videos.

      • Syd Jessop

        The funniest thing – why 23 LEDs??? Is it the new quantum vacuum answer to life, the universe and everything?

        • Erik van Gerven

          Yeah…. it should be 42 LED’s

      • Nic Perrin

        One thing I would have liked to see was a “single turn coil” on a good LCR meter.. my multimeter is p***-poor at measuring low values like that and it would be nice to see how much inductance adding a ferrite bead to a straight bit of wire creates, especially if you’ve got a datasheet to show that the maths works out. (perhaps adding a couple of turns to show the n^2 relationship)

        • Erik van Gerven

          I was also wondering what the no-coil’s effect would be. I happen to know Dave salvaged some ferrite rings from another video.
          Now the vacuüm people still have a pint there was a real coil in Dave’s circuit. So, a 10 seconds in the next mailbox or something?

          Dave, thanks for the clear and enjoying explanation of this circuit

      • Chupacabras

        Good job, Dave 😉
        Clean and simple-looking debunking 😉

        And remember, they do not care about facts and proofs. You are fighting religion and stupidity, you cannot win. But it is is important to “fight” them like this…

        • Yep, impossible to win. I didn’t do this video for them, they are beyond hope.

      • tlhIngan

        Somehow when I saw the circuit, I thought “worlds worst LED driver circuit”.

        And I think you can buy LED driver ICs that’ll power 23 LEDs very efficiently and probably cost less than this one. And more efficient.

        I dunno, I think Dave should build one using a modern LED driver IC and see how long it lasts. 50 hours? Probably at least 80+ hours, if not 100. Even better than “free energy”!

      • Ryan

        Hey Dave, I find a good smackdown just as entertaining as the next guy but I think you need to spread them out a bit.

        Between the debunking videos, resume expectation videos, X sucks videos, etc… it feels like things have been taking a negative turn.

        I realize that they are probably not as frequent as I make them seem, but the titles stick in memory a lot longer than your usual fare.

        • They aren’t as frequent as you imagine. Same thing happens with peoples memories of how frequently I used to do stuff “back in the old days”

      • mjk

        I guess it is free energy of a sort in that these circuits will often power from batteries that are seen as dead and will be thrown away. I often wonder how much energy is thrown in the bin to pollute landfill.

      • Saugikliai Saugiklių blokai

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      • Hansruedi Naef

        Thanks! I love to see you teaching!
        I hope it is ok: I linked this site in the comments of the original video…
        They have to learn something.

        Greetings from Switzerland

        • Hansruedi Naef

          Can they delete comments on youtube?
          It still remains on ‘no comments’……????

      • Seth Burgin

        The old conservation of energy law: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only changed in form. That about sums it up! Regarding you solar installment, our local utility company is horrible. They were using “smart meters” to over charge and under credit for KWH, as well as improperly metering the KWH both ways. I installed a few certified analog watt hour meters for some people to monitor this situation, and catch them in the act. IT WORKED! I am in Phoenix Arizona. An old girlfriend was from Australia. We have loads of exotic plants and trees from Australia down, er, I mean, up here. This is one of the shop’s 5KW solar arrays. 19,000 sq feet, 3000+ living space in the loft above the old shop, a large metal building and 6000 sq feet in the basement, with 10,000 sq feet of grade level shop. Cleaning my Teague LCR, and cleaning & calibrating my Tektronix 2445A O Scope. Sorry too many MBs for one post!

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