The Art Of Electronics 3rd Edition is Almost Here!

Massive news!

A new edition of the bible is almost here, after a 25 year wait!
You can pre-order it now on Amazon, for April 30th release. And if you want to help support the blog, then please use THIS LINK and I get a small cut, doesn’t cost you anything.

And yes, from all reports you will want to keep your 2nd edition, as this one, whilst having tons of new stuff, doesn’t have everything from the old edition.

And yes, there will new new student manual called Learning the Art of Electronics. This is slated for publication around August 2015.

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  1. Just ordered 2:nd since I want all the knowledge. to bad they had to remove some thing’s then I would have been satisfied with just the 3:rd.

    • I’ll be interested to see what they’ve removed or changed. Although considering the old version uses an M68k for its microprocessor section, I’m guessing that’s probably been updated.

      • Any CPU/MCU section would soon be outdated (considering the longevity of this tome), so preferably replaced by a generic I2C, SPI, etc. interfacing chapter, which would remain relevant into the future.

  2. Hmm. Do we know whether they’re updating the companion spiral bound Student Manual as well?

  3. I still have my 1st edition hardback with the black dust jacket. Stamped by the CU book store “EE361 26.95”. That would have been 1981. Oddly enough, some people are selling it on Amazon for more than that …

  4. Yay! I was holding off buying this until the 3rd edition was released, but was starting to give up hope. Having said that, Dave Jones, you’re responsible for me spending a fortune on feeding my EEVBlog-fuelled addiction to electronics! At least you can get more of a ‘kick’ out of electronics than heroin 😉

  5. Bummer, I was hoping there would be a kindle edition. You can’t grep dead trees.

    • Same here-waiting for kindle edition. I just don’t have space for more paper books, and I can’t have them all with me. The tons I do have, I seldom read. I’ve re-purchased most of them in Kindle format (when available).

  6. Last time I checked, about a month ago, the book was €80 in the German Amazon webshop. I vividly remember because I tried to use a voucher that wasn’t accepted because the book is a pre-order. This morning the same book was €66. Unfortunately when ordering through “THIS LINK” above I would get charged €111, so I’ll have to think of another way to sponsor Dave.

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