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    • tlhIngan

      Actually, prior to 2008-9 or so, most cellphones had proprietary connectors. It was only due to an EU mandate that all new cellphones started coming with micro USB or micro USB adapters.

      The connectors generally were standard for the manufacturer – you had Nokia ones, Ericsson ones, Samsung ones, LG ones, Motorola, etc.

      The helical antenna is because it’s circularly polarized – nothing too special. Circular polarization is easier to deal with when your receivers and transmitters are randomly located. If they’re more static you can go with more traditional horizontal and vertical polarizations.

    • John Senchak
    • Syd Jessop

      Is Iridium still the only truly global satellite network for voice/data small handhelds? Has Inmarsat done anything?

    • Johan Olofsson

      Its funny, because when i was i Australia (2011) the celluar reception was realy poor. So This would have been perfect there 😉 Compared to Sweden.
      I guess Australia having big landmass, its hard to have good coverage outside towns..?

      Noticed that com-radio was fairly common there to fill the gaps..

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